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Thai boxing game online free

Game Thai boxing  online - games online Play the game Thai boxing online. Instructions for the game Thai boxing online. "Especially for all fans of martial arts, familiar with the features and differences in the techniques of warfare, created the game in the style of Muay Thai. As a kind of symbiosis of Thai boxing and kickboxing, it allows the use of knees and elbows strikes, increasing your combat power and the power of your attacks. Features gameplay and controls are a bit like Mortal Kombat: Thai Boxing, but experienced gamers sure to note some differences.
At the beginning of the game, as in Mortal Kombat: Thai Boxing, you will be asked to choose one of three levels of difficulty. The game requires only 4 levels, which, in principle, is not enough for such a fun game.
You are invited to battle with 5 bosses, the degree of skill in the use of Muay Thai is growing. However, to the right degree to master the skill of combat, you will need to first defeat all of their students, it would be quite difficult.
Control of the game is very similar to Mortal Kombat: Thai boxing, but every fighter present unique opportunities and the ability to put combos in order as quickly as possible to throw the opponent.
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