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School Craze game online free

Game School Craze online - games online Play the game School Craze online. Instructions for the game School Craze online. "The game Commotion School you are required: first, perseverance, because you need to work hard to fulfill all the necessary missions to the passing game, and secondly - careful not to accidentally miss a single one of everywhere circling suns. Collect the sun and fold them into your inventory. School Craze game is really fun and exciting. You have to play one of two characters. One - a blue crank, and which need to skip and jump to collect the sun, and the second - it was his friend who is always there at the right time and helps to overcome some difficult times for the first hurdle. Run on and on, try to collect all of the sun, but beware of the different obstacles that can rob you of life. This walking and prickly cacti, and all sorts of pins and wires and other such nonsense. Jump from the pipe to the pipe, swinging on ropes and cables, twisted on the rings. All this will help you through the game Commotion School, received a lot of positive emotions and a lot of fun. The game is designed for those who do not want to miss, but wants to have fun and spend plenty of time for a positive holiday
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