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Alchemist game online free

Game Alchemist online - games online Alchemist play game. How to play the game Alchemist. "The Alchemist - it can be said, a great game, because you're here take on the role of the god, or evolution, as you prefer. However, the essence of something that does not change. In the end, one way or another, and the world is filled with organisms, with all sorts of creatures. However, before you can see the first living creature, you will have enough to sweat. The game Alchemist in the beginning you have a standard set of creator of the universe - the four elements. Air, Water, Earth, and, accordingly, the Fire. So you mix on the screen lined with magic circle, alternating different from those of the elements. And then, when you have the right combination is a new ingredient that you can, once again, the same mix properly, to throw into the universal boiler, which is preparing the broth of life. Gradually, creating a first mushroom, then all primary livestock, and you will create, as is commonly believed, the crown of nature - man. More - more. Foxes, snakes, bears, etc. etc. The Alchemist, as has been said, will give you the opportunity to feel the first cause, the creator. So, do not miss out on all right, and maybe your world will be more attractive than ours. In any case, try to have your world as much as possible the pleasant aspects.
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