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Snowball game online free

Game Snowball  online - games online Snowball play game. How to play the game Snowball . "The most favorite childhood game - snowball fight! Yes, and in adulthood is difficult to resist the temptation to throw a snowball. Now you can do it online! Playing in the snow is a very exciting and dynamic. The screen moves mischievous Smurfs and aims to exactly there.
How to play? The rules are simple:
 using a computer mouse choose the snowball from the pile and throw it in the Smurfs;
 all available 10 snowballs, and when their stock is exhausted, it will help fill key "gap": pressed and gained another 10;
 terms of winning, which offers a game of snowballs - simple: Hit the snow in the maximum amount of the Smurfs - get points and extra seconds of the game;
 but beware! Some of the Smurfs - a very tricky and try to throw a snowball in you! And if they get - minus the points earned.
Playing in the snow is done very nicely. In addition to snow and snow drifts, there dressed Christmas fir-tree, snowman, cozy house with snow-covered roof.
There are a few secrets. Tip for beginners: in the left corner there is a static smurf, in which the easiest way to get there. Aim can not only blue men, but in the red cat running around and peeking from behind a tree in a black gentleman.
The game is simple but very addictive!
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