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Ice race game online free

Game Ice race  online - games online Ice race play game. How to play the game Ice race . "Characters of the movie" Transformers "is so liked by the audience, that for several years they did not want to let go. Of course, transformers, especially in the form of cars - fine racer, so that gamers do not want to part with them. Games is a lot, and it would seem, what else can be surprised? But Racing Transformers were able to do it! Players are invited to speak on behalf of the character, which is the color scheme - obviously Optimus Prime, but not in the traditional form of the truck impressive size, but in humanoid form on the bike.
Transformers race is an intriguing scenario of the game. As it is usually necessary to get to the finish line while gaining the maximum possible number of points by collecting as many flashing gold masks Transformers. But the road is difficult. Mountainous terrain is dangerous in itself, but here are icy and snow-capped peaks are doubly dangerous. And Optimus and strives to do a somersault on the speed!
Game developers have tried and have offered interesting design for the Race Transformers. Moon is good, maybe it's her back. Snow so much that there are already stuck together and cheerful snowmen. Complementing the picture - nice music.
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