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Adventure snails game online free

Game Adventure snails online - games online Adventure snails play game. How to play the game Adventure snails. "Flash games - one of the most convenient and enjoyable. You can always find a few minutes to relax, while the long game it may not be enough. One of the characters flash games - a snail. It would seem that not only is fall to her fate, but more and more tests await her. Adventure and snails thrown it on a new job. Yes it is the job. In this game, snail - not slow the creation, but rather a ninja on a mission. That only can the character: he tumbles, rather it is his favorite way to travel, crawls the steep wall, it seems that for such a snail and does not exist any obstacles.
Adventure snails begin with, it is assigned to the command post, equipped with the latest technology. Confused only that the chief put his feet on the table, where there were two bottles of strange liquids. Decent agent should not drink in front of a secret mission. What is its essence? You must collect as many shells as they are really very much, and in time to find the transition to the next level.
Adventure snails occur in rugged terrain. She always has to overcome obstacles. It is good that she is moving under the invigorating music.
Overall, the game is pleased with their originality.
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