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Prepare dinner game online free

Game Prepare dinner  online - games online Play the game Prepare dinner online. Instructions for the game Prepare dinner online. In the game "cook dinner", dedicated to the heroes of the animated series SpongeBob you will help feed the sponge Bob visitors diner. To do this, SpongeBob chooses products and knocks them on the tray to his friend Patrick, who plays the waiter. This process is incredibly complex. Literally need to calculate every move for a successful landing on the product tray. In addition, following the trajectory will change as the place on the tray is already taken. Thus, it is necessary to calculate three different trajectories. Tray is not very big, Patrick runs quite quickly, the food moves on the escalator, and SpongeBob just changes its position. And even though you are in control, it will be necessary to monitor and compare the three processes simultaneously.
However, the reward for each passing level. And by the way, very useful. Collection of puzzles games "cook dinner" for your child with his favorite characters: Sponge Bob and his friend Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Plankton Skidvardom, Sandy Squirrel and other residents of Bikini Bottom. Puzzles can be printed and cutting lines, collect. Complete all the levels and collect all the puzzles on "cook dinner"
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