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Spearfishing game online free

Game Spearfishing online - games online Spearfishing play game. How to play the game Spearfishing. "In a lot of different online arcade games that offer iznichtozhat shoot or anything or anyone. A great option for fun and not boring time, the game is "Shark Hunt", bright, colorful and quite dynamic.
You have to play the role of a resident of the underwater world, which stands at the turn of the upright and protect something very important to him. A spearfishing is on underwater monsters, which, at first glance, seem common harmless fish-fry. However, when hit by arrows begin to swell and turn into a huge all-consuming monsters.
You have to shoot the gun, which is a mixture of a harpoon and a blaster and not having strong striking power. However, this gun is better than none at all. It is not for nothing are we fighting here.
Control of the game "Shark Hunt" eerily simple: move your hero to the submersible can be up and down with the arrow keys at the same time making shots space. By the way, do not get caught in the way of bloodthirsty animals, ie k bursting of your equipment, they are significantly lower level of your health. And it you still oh how handy.
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