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Snooker 2036 game online free

Game Snooker 2036 online - games online Snooker 2036 play game. How to play the game Snooker 2036. Early in the game on the table are 15 red balls stacked in a pyramid, and 6 colored balls, each of which is located at a certain point on the table.White ball (cue ball) is used for striking color balls.Players must score alternately red and colored balls into the pockets.While the red balls are on the table, pocketed colored balls put up their positions.The winner is the player who will score the most points.When recruiting players (after plugging all the balls) of the same number of points, the frame to finish the game with one black ball.In snooker possible "stalemate" situation when the attacks on the red balls are not conducive to the continuation of the frame.In this case, the agreement of players and referees, the frame begins anew.
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