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Simulator homeless game online free

Game Simulator homeless  online - games online Simulator homeless play online. How to play Simulator homeless game for free.

Very colorful protagonist of the same game name Hobo. He is homeless and alcoholic who has seen a lot on his pretty aimless life path, so the view is appropriate. He lives in a landfill, eats there. Completely amoral character is not very pleasant and not very educated.

The only thing that Hobo knows and loves to do more than anything else - is to fight. He fights with everyone: police, passers-by, acquaintances and strangers. Therefore he has no friends. Absolutely.

Hobo also makes everything as possible to friends he never had. So he spits, blows his nose and publishes impartial sounds on the course of his voyage through the city. And, quite often in the face. He does not care who stood before him: the policeman or woman. He will conduct himself about the same.

Developers offer several options of games on this uncivilized creatures which you can play at any time of day. Start a jailbreak or simply offend the passer - that is the main problem, which increases your ranking.

Maybe if you interfere with sleep peacefully on your favorite junk heap, you would also angry with the world and began to retaliate everyone within next point. We hope that this will not happen.

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