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People are always attracted to the sky, and the minds of scientists for centuries puzzled over, to acquire the ability to hover in the sky like a bird. Only in the XX century people finally managed to achieve success in this direction, and almost immediately planes win hearts and minds of dreamers. Now, virtual flights are available to all, and you can play Flying on the computer. Probably every boy in his childhood dream to become a pilot of the aircraft, and proudly wear the uniform of the pilot. Although childhood passes, but not all dreams are leaving us. And what to do, how to be? Dreams have come true, so we invite you to the section of free games Flying on our site. Of course, online games Flying can not be compared with the real departure, but there are a number of advantages: you do not need to undergo expensive, flight training and pass examination at a pilot's license to be able to sit at the helm of the aircraft. Now, for this you enough to choose the game you like on this page of our website. You are waiting for flights in airplanes, helicopters, balloons and even... dragons. What do you think about the space missions - intelligence or military missions in space. A younger pilots like Flying - Action with cartoon characters. Well, we are convinced you? Then forward - Flying to play for free on this page of our site!
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