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Pilots, divers and other representatives of extraterrestrial professions are not born. They become, born on mother earth and passed countless tests and overcoming, of which the first high school graduation for this list goes on. This is to ensure that, in order to possess some skill - you need to learn for a long time and lots. Pilot - shrouded in a veil of romance profession, something transcendental, in fact - a heavy daily work, with continuous training process and must touch the required number of hours. In the sky polished skill, rather than a waltz round with a pretty fan. As he loved to ask one famous person you need youth, novice habitation? Since I decided to dedicate his life to the sky or just crazy about the outlines of clouds - prepare to land. Aerial combat game for such beginners. You can not rush to develop a jet engine, but for the full experience Bole how it all began, to engage in air battles, games, sky reconstructing the First World. Party games Air battles necessary, for example, engage in battle with the superior forces of the enemy, instead of having a sight, primitive cross, but instead of weapons - a revolver and a machine gun of unknown origin. In the heat of battle, do not forget about the fuel level, to remember where to go back, and yet, if you stay intact, free to follow some instructions: cover for vehicles with air, destroying ground targets and much more. All air battles based on the principle of the simulator, so as the game progresses very quickly turns the pilot class and ability to think quickly. Coming preliminary training and becoming a pilot level just above, you can try your hand in the field of jet aircraft. Here, pre-entering the hangar, you can choose the type of aircraft and the country of manufacture. Typically, developers are trying to create simulation conditions closest to reality. Therefore, air battle are very hard, realistic. Fly off the chassis in different directions fly wings of smoke in the cockpit, asphyxiation, and the bailout as close to the effect of personal presence. Course, take off - landing Development of simulators for flash air battles, the game does not undergo any significant changes. Is that flush air battles, games are less hardware load. Well developed and they are, in fact, in order to fully adapt to the mobile devices. Flash games for Air battles characterized by a more compact size, not much overloading resources and designed not to slow down the speed of processes. In flash game Air battles work with graphical user interface should be subject to the same requirements for resource conservation reserves that apply to the product itself. This in no way makes the game for less than spectacular flash. Pricing policy can easily be circumvented by finding the server or resource, where you can get free air battles games are no different from paid counterparts. Air battles free games that do not require activation and subsequent searches on the various available resources of all kinds of keys for the renewal of the game. Also free games Air fights good help for beginners. Free games include Air battles in personal training program, you can reach a level of classiness that air battles games online with other players will not seem unusual and unexpected. Agreeing to air battles online games can thus reiterate own skill level on a wider platform and before a large number of participants. What games air battles, and develop the necessary skills - it can confirm any valid pilot. Because simulators are equipped with flight schools programs, which are very similar to the games air battles, and pilots, future, train them - daily. In the online environment, a lot of players are passionate about training simulators for aircraft. Wave a wing to each other online.
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