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Dear visitors to our site, we welcome you to the section of our website dedicated to games Akinator. This means that here you can enjoy plenty of our games, the best of the best games Akinator. We tried to create this section, so that you can easily find and choose exactly the game, which corresponds to the willows and will satisfy all your desires. Today the games of this genre are very popular. Fan does not matter what genre you are, in any case, you can not not like Akinator. You will certainly be very interesting to play such games. They are very exciting. Because the player feels a direct link to this game. She reminds live chat. What Akinator game, what are these games? Everything is simple. This question and answer game. Gene is a virtual communication and tries to guess what you think of. And you know what? Usually he can guess the zagadannuyu you. What are you going to think? Favorite characters from movies or cartoons. To do this, it will ask you lots of probing questions, analyzing what it (the program) will give you an answer that is most appropriate for your answers. You may wonder, how did he know so much? It's very simple. In order to successfully guess the answers, he analyzes the previous players and stores them in memory. And when you make come true, a similar question by analyzing and comparing the previous questions and answers, it will give the best answer, which has been previously put forth by someone. Here's a kind of artificial intelligence, created by millions of players around the world. But there is another scenario. Perhaps such that answering all the questions gin and not be able to answer the question of what character you make come true, then the following will happen. You will be offered a field in which you write only correct option. And so it goes in a circle. It thus occurs all. We can say, in a vicious circle. Playing Akinator, you get a lot of positive emotions and interesting and fun. This game is suitable for players of any age. All of them will be very interesting to test the ability of the game to determine their zagadannoy persons. Even a child can play Akinator when making your favorite cartoon character. You will certainly be a very fun and interesting. So, our dear visitors, we wish you a good game and only victories. Join our friendly team.
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