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Have you always been a fan of Disney cartoons? Sometimes like to watch a movie about the old, kind King Lion? Then, you can safely say that you have come to the right place, and you can very interesting and fun to spend time here with one more famous and many favorite character of Disney cartoons of the famous Aladdin. At one time, it was, the adaptation of these wonderful cartoons and made us feel the east. They became for us a bridge to that wonderful, fairy-tale world. The history of this cartoon is very interesting and beautiful. The main character Aladdin finds a lamp with a magic gin, which fulfills all his desires. Yeah. We all wanted to get a magic lamp and a personal gin for ourselves. That would be great. True? At one time, many cartoons and films about the adventures of Aladdin were released. Which country alone did not do this. There was a lot of adaptations of the plot of the fairy tale about Aladdin. Both the USSR and the USA also made their adaptations. But, for some reason it was the American version of Aladdin that became the most popular and famous in the whole world. Probably, it's all thanks to the American-good story and colorful characters, performed by Disney's studio. It is in this vein and about this Aladdin that all the games presented in this section are narrated.
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