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Welcome to the Friends of the Angels game! Cute and charming Raf - is the head of all the angels. But deep down - it is an ordinary teenage girl. Of course, she always wants to look great and be the most beautiful, which is why it should come to help you and help her become a princess. Free Games Friends Angels offer you to try yourself in the role of the stylist for this girl-angel, so you pick up a nice outfit for the main character of the game friends Angels - Rough Friends of Angels games (free to play that you can go to our website), there is entertainment, where the little angel flying from one platform to another platform, while it resembles a small, but very charming butterfly. At that moment, when there appears evil demon from his past elegance and kindness no trace remains. After all, everyone knows that the worst enemy of an angel - a daemon that can easily destroy a small defenseless creature that helps people. Now you are in the game Friends of Angels, and come to the aid of the hero. Destroy the little demons that spoil life, because every divinity must fight for the good and resist evil! So, put your fingers on the keyboard and start playing the game for girls Friends Angels to help fragile hero to kill all the ferocious demons encountered on his journey. Your help is urgently needed him, because demons do not just roam the countryside, they hide and then appear suddenly. When this evil side when you start to play games online Friends of Angels, will strongly discourage you and throw huge rocks. With each hit your life, depicted in the form of scales hearts will decrease and reach zero in case of loss. If you have trouble over health, the level can not be considered passed. Feel like a true defender of justice, playing games online for free Friends of Angels. It is worth noting that in the free online game Friends of Angels reveal of the main character, and they - these heroes - not as vulnerable as it may seem at first glance. The free game Friends of Angels Adventure enough to pinch a certain combination of keys and the angel begins to tighten the bow. Depending on how long you will keep it, will increase the distance of an arrow at an enemy. At the moment when the red bar starts to fill up, you can let go. This will require good and right to aim, but it's a pity that only one shot from the demon does not die. You have to shoot more to achieve the desired result. So, we invite you to play online games of Angels Friends! To move in the game using a keyboard (in particular right and left buttons) to your hero moving on the playing field. For flight in the game Friends of Angels key is used up, and for a touchdown - down. If you are interested in puzzles Friends Angels looking at an image, divided into sixteen equal pieces. At the same elements will be displayed on the main characters of the cartoon of the same name, and to build a complete picture, you have some work to do, so you should begin now to study the main characters of the game Friends of Angels play which is both fun and exciting. After passing each level, you will automatically move to the next, which will be a little more difficult, but also exciting. Opening page of the game Friends of Angels (play for free in which you can go to our website at any time of day), it may seem that not all the characters are so powerful as I would like. Of demons and angels are present both adults and children, and adolescents. For example, you can play childish games Friends of Angels, or games for teenagers. Senior angels, like all teenagers go to school and learn different tricks and their older relatives. At this point, when you become part of the game Friends of Angels, in the lives of characters occurs lots of interesting events, and you become a direct participant in adventure Friends Angels. Heroes Game Friends of Angels older, go through various tests form their own characters and different life principles that will stay with them for life then. Together with the characters of video games Friends Angels you will learn to forgive each other, fight, fall in love and just live, in spite of all the problems and enemies! Discover a new, previously unknown world, which is full of different surprises and adventures Friends Angels.
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