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First comic Rene Goscinny (and sounds like that of the creator of the famous duo) were received by the public with a bang. Somewhat later, they got their continuation in the series of animated and feature films. Do not stay aside and computer games. The sequence of prime game Asterix and Obelix, and based on a variety of subjects. If you are a fan of the Dyad, the free game Asterix and Obelix will be a boon for you. Every year the company - developers of computer games offer gamers a new adventure Gallic warriors. The interesting thing is that the flash Asterix and Obelix games come in a variety of genres. This funny "Action", and intellectual puzzles, and even race. Everyone who wants to be able to find the best embodiment of favorite characters. Free Asterix and Obelix games and designed for different age categories. We offer you a small overview of Asterix and Obelix games in different genre forms. Just want to note that this is not the whole list of possible options, but only one of the best representatives of the genre. To list and describe (at least briefly) all existing computer flash game Asterix and Obelix take a long time. Yes, and you do not need it at all. Let's start with the most popular genre among gamers - "Action." Take for example one of the simplest, but nevertheless interesting "brodilok» - «Asterix». Actions of this option flash games Asterix and Obelix unfold in the village of Gauls. Hero Games - Asterix. You need to help your pet to collect the maximum amount of bonuses (where they appear in the form of coins and food). Exploring every corner of his village, you will come across not only the food, but also some obstacles, such as wild boar. Only after collecting all the bonuses offered, and adequately overcome all obstacles, you are ready to do battle with the Romans. If he wins, it moves to the next more difficult level of the game Asterix and Obelix online. If the enemy can not win, you have to start the game again. Be extremely careful, the developers of this flash game Asterix and Obelix give hero only 4 life. Another embodiment of the successful computer became our heroes Asterix and Obelix games in the genre of "shooting". Pleased that ardent fans of shooters can choose free game Asterix and Obelix. As an example, we can consider the game «Asterix Maximum Gaudium». As a weapon here is a real catapult. To the side of your character (by the way, here you can choose to your taste) will fly different items from the enemy, your task - to shoot them down. If you prefer intellectual games, and in this case free Asterix and Obelix games can offer decent options. Will serve as a vivid example of the game «Wake up Asterix & Obelix». Here before us is dormant galls. Your task - to wake them up. It would seem that what is so tough? And no, my friends, in fact, make it not so easy. At each level of the Asterix and Obelix games online you will be offered a few items (haystack, wooden cube, wheel, board, etc. ). You need to build some kind of structure that will make the characters wake up. The higher the level, the more difficult it will be a mechanism. Such games Asterix and Obelix, allow online develop logical thinking, attention and ingenuity. Besides all these genres, there are Asterix and Obelix games for the little ones. There are countless games in which you must collect puzzle. The theme puzzles are the defining moments of the animated and feature films. Kids Games Asterix and Obelix can act in the form of razukrashek. What child refuses to decorate your own favorite hero?
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