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Game Counter-Strike officially submitted in August 2001 and since then an army of fans is increasing. The game was created in the style of a first person shooter, and has several scenarios. One time playing counter-strike lost its popularity due to the many new games came out with more advanced graphics and storyline. But the developers have made a strategic move and brought flash games Counter-Strike to the next level, making it an international view with their eSports tournaments and championships, and even betting on free tactics game Counter-Strike. Team of experienced stalkers from around the world compete against each other in the ability to rescue the hostages, mining facilities and rescue VIP-persons. Developed whole school stalkers to their strategies and tactics that brought them victory in the game. Popularity add different sites, which presents free game Counter-Strike. Tactics game Counter-Strike American team, is considered the most successful. It is the most profitable in the booking up defensive positions and occasional forays into the enemy. Here, for example, the tactics of the game Counter-Strike in the Danish team is the most successful in the scenarios by grenades thrown at. Players choose a good time, throw the enemy smoke and the stick and take them to the best position. But there is always room for the unexpected, and demonstrated that the Swedish team in one of the championships. Lack of a well-crafted tactics, but perfectly coordinated team play brought them victory on each level and then they won the championship. Polish teams use unexpected moves that are effective precisely because of its unpredictability, which brought the team a lot of victories. Tactics game Counter-Strike Russian team brought her victory in several major championships. Game Counter-Strike Online is divided into several types depending on the task you want to perform in this scenario. Mission "Rescue the hostages." In this game is to remove all hostages in a safe area. If at the end of the game in the hands of terrorists stayed at least one hostage - mission played and it signifies the victory of terrorists. For Stalkers task a little easier because they can push the hostage if it hinders them, while the terrorist has no such opportunity. But to deduce hostages easy, because they can not jump and overcome obstacles, as stalkers. "Mined / neutralize" - the essence of this game. Maps of this particular version used in all World Championships game Counter-Strike. Most popular this scenario maps de_nuke, de_dust, de_prodigy. They are developed and practiced different strategies and tactics flash game Counter-Strike, which are then used in various online tournaments. Aims of terrorists to undermine this or that object, while the other team's task to find and defuse the bomb. Bookmarks for bomb given only three seconds, whereas clearance 6 yl 11 if purchased special tongs. Kill VIP - it's another scenario Counter-Strike, which can be played online. The essence of which is to protect the display and VIP-person, for which a player plays. It is interesting that he does not have VIP weapons and shooting skills, can not buy or obtain weapons, but has extra protection and 200%AR. "Escape" - the less popular flash game tactics Counter-Strike. In this version of the aims of terrorists to escape from stalkers before reaching the safe zone. Game Counter-Strike is so popular around the world that have many varieties, especially in flash games Counter-Strike. Almost any game portal you can find free game Counter-Strike. There you can practice for free tactics games in Counter-Strike before you jump into the league of serious players. Tactics game Counter-Strike is a never-ending struggle between good and evil, which makes it feel like heroes most ordinary players.
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