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Release of the game Doom took place in November 1993. The game marked the beginning of a new trend of video games "game of survival in a nightmare." This is the first first-person shooter, which influenced the development of that genre. The literal translation of the name means "doom rock destruction." The game was created based on the movie "Aliens" and "The Evil Dead." All Doom games have elements of horror films and thrillers. In the first part of the game Doom online plot is not particularly exposed. Basically the storyline is revealed in the history of the game and small messages. The player is represented as a fighter Space SWAT, who after killing his commander detained. All the action takes place on Phobos - the satellite of Mars, where settled hellish creatures that destroyed the staff and turned it into a monster. The main task of the hero out of this place, and to find someone of his comrades. The essence of the game is Doom study rooms on different levels of solving puzzles and finding caches. Labyrinths, with hidden rooms, elevators and mines. Purpose of the game Doom - survive at any cost. The game is so popular that players often playing in the later game, re-tested levels of the first part. Doom games can be played online, competing with other players. And also play free Doom games against bots in monopolzovatelskom mode. Doom flash games have five levels of difficulty. The first level is the easiest. Level motto: "I'm too young to die." Enemies at little. Damage to the player, at opolovinennye obtained, but the number of rounds that can be found twice. At the second level, which is called, "Hey, not so rough," all enemies as little damage but are already standard in nature. "Hurt me" - the slogan of the third level of Doom flash game. At the level of longer enemies, but the damage and the number of rounds standard. If previous levels seem simple can try to compete with a lot of enemies and find out why the level called "Sverhnasilie." And for fans of extreme sports provided the fifth level, which is considered one of the most difficult of all modern video games. This is where in time to exclaim: "Nightmare! "As well, and named this level. Rapidly reviving monsters, double speed and attack many different techniques, which do not provide for fair play. But there are daredevils who rush headlong into the wilds of this level of the game Doom online and proudly out winners. Doom flash games can be found on different gaming websites. By the way, you can find there not only the first version, but continued - free games Doom II and Part III. The second part is translated as "hell on earth". It was the best game of 1994 in the style of fantasy. The game's plot tells of the events that took place shortly after the events of the first part. The player returns to their home planet and sees that land is fully captured by monsters. Earthlings who survived the player saves, sending them into space, but he must wait for his death in the world. But the game would not be interesting if it all ended. Soon, the player receives a message about finding the portal from which monsters out there and hope that can still be corrected. The game has thirty different levels, which are combined into a single line, which means that all the weapons and skills are passed in each scenario. The third part of the game Doom online in the period of its establishment, famous for various scandals, layoffs and industrial espionage, so that its appearance was waiting very impatiently. But here, there was an incident - three days before the official release of its free games Doom released pirate company. The game went down in history as the fastest-distributable version. According to players Doom III scariest version. The game has 27 levels, each of which carries its own risks and their enemies. The game's plot is built on Mars, where the excavated ruins of the ancient inhabitants of Hell and released to the surface. It is with them and will have to face the main character, who wants to play a free game Doom.
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