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Electronics game is a series of games that have been created in the likeness of the famous portable consoles. These consoles were very popular during the USSR. It should be noted that there are 17 kinds of electronics games, 3 of them are foreign, but they are true copies of the Soviet versions, so basically only allocate 14 kinds of games. Of course, at this point the game became a lot more electronics, but the essence remains the same everywhere, for example, the game "Oh, wait! "Greatly expanded, and every game is different graphics and modification, but the essence remains the same, the wolf has to collect the eggs in the basket. Let's take a closer look a few different kinds of game electronics. Let's start with a game like "Well, wait," where you play as a wolf who must collect the eggs of the four tracks that are on both sides, two on each. These chicken eggs planted, and after they begin to roll along the path, which inclined toward the wolf. Foreign variant of this game is Mickey Mouse. The essence of flash games electronics remains the same, but you already play the role of Mickey Mouse. It is this version of the game has been talked about before. The next game from the category of electronics free games can be distinguished - Secrets of the Ocean. In electronics free game you have to manage divers, which will sink to the bottom of the ocean. The main essence of free games electronics down a diver who has to raise the treasure chest, but on his way there will be one big hindrance, namely a giant octopus and its tentacles. At the beginning of electronics free games you are a certain number of divers, and if they die they can be restored, but for this you have to dial 200 first, and then for 500 and 800 eyes. Flash Games Electronics cheerful chef is next in our little charts electronics category. From the name we can understand that you will play the role of the chef, who will catch the falling food, so they do not fall on the floor. Electronics flash games based on speed and agility control. By the way, if any of the products fall to the floor, the player receives a corresponding penalties. These glasses can be removed, as previously described electronics flash game you have to get a certain number of eyes. Now consider this famous electronics online games as Space Bridge. Electronics games online from a number of the same category of electronics. All action games electronics occur on an unknown planet, which began erupting volcano. Due to the base, where the astronauts, was completely cut off from the conveyor. Therefore, the astronaut will pass this by moving lava bridge. The complexity of the game. Once you earn 999 points, the game becomes more difficult, and so on in ascending order. As with all models of electronics in this game there are penalties that can be removed by dialing a certain number of eyes. Also in the category Electronics Games have games related to sports, for example, has a pro hockey game where you have to catch the puck at the same time from four players. Also there is a game about the biathlon, where you need to go abroad for the duration of four. Cheerful football where you play as a goalkeeper chimp who must catch the ball at the same time four of the same number of beasts. There are also racing games - Autoslalom. It should be noted that the category has a number of games electronics games related to hunting and fishing - namely Rybalov Côte angler Hunting. It is also called, and other electronics Games: Scouts space, Circus, Strutting croaker, Funny arithmetic, Space flight, Night thieves and woodland. It is for all of the above games for today and creates a variety of modifications Games Electronics category.
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