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Since ancient times, these animals enjoyed special respect for people. Remember with what awe you look at them in a zoo or circus. Yes, this stunning animals elephants. For those who feel a special thrill to these animals and wants even how - what a way to touch them, developers are offering a series of computer games on these lovely animals. It is about flash games Elephants and will be discussed further. Just want to say that elephants free games designed for different age groups. They can play and young children, and adult children. All Elephants are divided by genre, objectives, level of difficulty and topics. For example, you can play games online Elephants, the main theme of which circus. Want to be on time as a circus performer and perform interesting room paired with an elephant? Yes, please, nothing could be simpler. There Elephants game in which the main task of the hero is caring for animals. Here you will Elephant (or a small elephant) real mother. It will feed, bathe, and learning to walk different tricks. These free games Elephants both adults and children. You can choose flash games Elephants, in which he (the elephant) takes part in an exciting journey full of different tasks, appointments and events. Oh, and do not forget about the game for the little ones: these colorful puzzles and fun games - razukrashki and games - dress up. Yes, as it turned out, the elephant can be nice to wear. This is not the entire list of games Elephants. Tell all the games involving these animals there is no way, but we can suggest some very interesting (in our opinion) Elephants flash games that are worth paying attention to. Circus Elephants. The game takes place behind the scenes Elephants circus tent. You - responsible employee of the circus, entrusted a very important mission - to care for the elephants. The meaning of this flash game Elephants is very simple: you need to properly care for their wards (and you have two of them), or they will be angry. You will have everything you need to elephants happy. Above each elephant will appear little hint. You just have to be able to respond to the wishes of the animals. Well, that are ready for such an important job? Run Elephant Run. That's really no one expected that elephants can travel by car, and even on the police! In this game, anything is possible. Elephants are full of adventure games and events. So, action game takes on a busy suburban highway. Blue elephant (yes, blue) runs at high speed on the road. Ahead of him goes a police car and thrown on the road spikes. Your task is to help the elephant to jump all the thorns and continue running. Cost elephant once run into a thorn, as the game immediately end. These are unusual Elephants are free games. Elephant moves box. In addition, the elephants, kind, and they are still surprisingly strong animals. It is their mighty power and need for this Elephants games online. You are trapped in a small maze, which placed large boxes. With the help of an elephant, you need to move the boxes to the starting position (it is marked with a red cross). At first glance it may seem that this game is easier Elephants, could be nothing. But it only seems so. This game is designed for logical thinking and ingenuity. The fact that the boxes must be moved so that they are not in a remote corner. Otherwise, pull out you will not succeed. Do not rush to make a move, but better think hard and come up with an original combination of moves. Ready to argue with you that such an interesting and fascinating Elephants game you've ever seen. As we have already said, it is not the whole list of possible games protagonists act elephants. There are original interpretation of Tetris, "shooters" and other unusual options. Enjoy your game!
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