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Education of children - it is not simple, requiring much patience and perseverance. Every parent sooner or later confronted with this question. Hold children's attention for a long time is quite difficult, especially if we are talking about letters, numbers and syllables. Today young parents playing an army of specialized literature, designed to fill the gaps of preschool education. However, the most popular are special computer games. For example, free games English. Learning English in many schools is provided with a first class. Even if your child's school program has a slightly different view, it does not mean that a child can not learn two languages ​​simultaneously: English and Russian. The first years of training, you can make yourself at home. To do this, you are entitled to play the game online English phorum. The beauty of flash games English is that learning the basics of the English language takes place in a relaxed atmosphere fun. These games are designed specific to early learning techniques. Game form will allow very easy and unobtrusive to remember all the key points. Your child will perceive everything that happens as a game, and would be happy to come back to it every time. Games English online - this is the best way of home schooling without the involvement of tutors. Today, experts offer several types of games to play online English online phorum. Each of them is designed for a different age and the level of student knowledge already available. Of course, the first of which begins with training - this Alphabet. To study it, flash games to play online English phorum uses the same principles as for the Russian alphabet: each letter sound and clear example. Repeating simple exercises every day, your child will be able to correctly name each letter of the alphabet. The same free games to play online English phorum use to teach your child to count in English. These free games to play online English phorum give your child the basic knowledge and be a little bit ahead of their future classmates. Certainly, the first games will require your presence. Child will need to explain the task and principles to control the game. As a rule, English games to play online phorum Baby have a very simple operation - with the mouse. Child very quickly gets used to it and it easily masters. After mastering the first simple flash games to play online English online phorum, should proceed to the next level. Followed by the study of the simplest games of words and their definitions. There are separate games English, which is taught to say and write (including typing on the keyboard) colors, animals, fruits, vegetables, family, furniture, food, transportation, and other words that children encounter in daily life. As in the case of the Russian language, English free games using audio and visual support for each word. Your child will not only prompt the word and its correct pronunciation, but also lead the example in the picture. The results of this training exceed all expectations. English games to play online phorum allow your child to not only acquire an impressive vocabulary, but also to learn the spelling of all the words. For this game there are separate direction English - compiling words. To help the player may be accompanied by pictures, or little tips. Again, here are all the buildings in a fun playful way. The next step - is a test of vocabulary. This is the level of primary school. Such games English online there are for adults. The only difference is in the words that are used for flash games English. Very often, these games are presented in the form of riddles, puzzles and crosswords.
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