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All Nalf-life differ in that the plot develops directly into the game itself, and not in the caption, as in most of these online games. That, in the opinion, the majority of critics and players was the main advantage of the game. In addition, all games Nalf-life online is how to paid websites, and free. All half-life from the first minute give the protagonist allies. Games Nalf-life online recognized as the best games ever created. Without giving recover competitors developers released several applications Nalf-life game online, which also was a huge success. In 2004, the sequel to the game released Nalf-life, which also earned the recognition of players and critics. The player sees the game through the eyes of the protagonist. Development occurs in the scene during the game. There are parallels with the story of Stephen King's "Fog" or the TV series "The X-Files." Flash games Nalf-life are classified brodilok. Here, the main point is focused on the first part of the game where the main character to get out of the center. In the embodiment of all flash games Nalf-life can not convey all the sensations that are possible in online gaming. The protagonist of the game Nalf-life Gordon Freeman works at the research center, which conducted experiments with a fragment of the crystal, which fell into the hands of scientists. During the experiment, the crystal behaves unpredictably, incapacitate and control system forms a portal between Earth and the Border world. In reality come aliens who behave very hostile and destroyed almost the entire staff of the center. Gordon is trying to find a way out from the center. Free all games Nalf-life split into several chapters, in which events and develop. Average build the levels in this game there. The first two chapters tell about the experiment and give a general idea about the center. The third chapter takes catastrophe itself, and in which there is a portal between worlds. Gordon sent for help, and in the fifth chapter, he learns that help did come, but the goal is not to save the military scientists, and destroy all the witnesses. The following chapters flash games Nalf-life talk about the twists and turns in the search for Gordon out of the center. In the twelfth chapter, if a player lucky enough to reach it, Gordon climbs to the surface. But here it will be disappointed - on the ground, things are not better. In the fourteenth chapter of Gordon learns the reason all that is happening, and to get rid of the consequences, it would go to Border world to kill the creature, which support the portal open. From 15 to 17 head of Gordon Xena travels in search of the main monster and finds him teleporting to one of the factories. In the eighteenth chapter takes a grand battle that decides the outcome of the game, at the last moment, when it seems that Gordon dies among the ruins, the action moves to the nineteenth chapter, where the main character makes a tempting offer. If the player accepts the offer, Gordon continues to await developments in the second part of the game Nalf-life online, but if not, it will teleport to Xen, where he dies of monsters. The role of allies in this game is very important, because there are times that they are essential to achieve the goal. If Gordon kills them, a message appears which says that Gordon failed to take advantage of human resources and the game automatically ends. Very interesting free games Nalf-life that they worked through interaction with nature, for example, Gordon can move the crate to climb up to the desired height. All half-life groups have few enemies that can be divided into enemy-alien, a division of the U.S. Army, who have orders to destroy all civilians. The third group rather refers to the allies, because they often help the main character, can treat and have access to some levels of the center, without which the game is not possible anymore. Free Game half-life can start playing at any time by many gaming portal. Not so realistic in all versions of flash games Nalf-life, but still have a similar storyline and gamers like style action.
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