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Game Heroes of Might and Magic came into the world in 1995. Free Games Heroes of Might and Magic for many people remain the favorite for many years. The game was positioned as a military strategy where you need to think. The gameplay is the first part of the basis for all subsequent games. So the next part of the game, similar to the original Heroes of Might and Magic on the structure of the first part of the story. Meet the same characters, but a battle-hardened, gain experience and wise life. Second game Heroes of Might and Magic have a storyline. But the most popular game Heroes of Might and Magic Online, this is the third part, even after ten years just to that produced different additions. Many sites offer free games to try Heroes of Might and Magic, which attracted players who for many years remain fans of this game. Game companies often produce flash games like the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic, only eclipse "" Heroes "" not yet succeeded. Nommo - abbreviation, which represent this game. The fourth part of the legendary flash game Heroes of Might and Magic - a symbiosis of all the previous installments. Innovation part was that the monsters can move independently. The fifth part is released by another company, as the company developer of the first four parts declared itself bankrupt and sold its assets. In 2011 came the sixth part of the game. She had a little simplistic gameplay and great speed. The main objective of the game is the battle and conquer the territories of other players in the network for the possession of the cities, castles and forts, but this cream will have to explore new territory. Winning the battle, the player gains experience, thanks to which he can go to the next level. Flash game Heroes of Might and Magic allow players to fight with bots, but it is no less exciting. To help the player can come different creatures, your army can be expanded by mercenaries, who will have to pay. Not only have to fight with different enemies, but also with monsters that do not claim to supremacy, but can interfere with healthy in achieving their goals. But the main subject, nevertheless, remain the city, in fact they can gain access to resources, new types of weapons, as well as hiring new soldiers. Even killing all the monsters on the level, the player reaches the next level, until it has taken the appropriate city or will not find the desired artifact. All gameplay takes place on the map, which shows the city fortress. By the way, the area may be different, there are mountain valleys or rivers which need to move. Besides battles the player has to build ships, fortifications or other fortifications. In the game you need to not only fight, but also to ensure a reliable supply of resources themselves. For example, you can find or organize a mine or sawmill that will provide the necessary resources. Resources are considered to be the most rare crystals that are needed for magic spells, and which can only be found. Magic, which is used Heroes of Might and Magic Online, the first part was only used in battle and had no any structure. But, taking the start in the third part, the magic is divided among schools, each of which teaches his craft. Capturing the city, the player can build a building without permission and use the resources of the city for their own purposes. Own city is the player who has established in its flag. Players who love Nommo often seek games like Heroes of Might and Magic. Online gaming sites are often used by adware and Nommo produce different flash games like Heroes of Might and Magic for analogs of the popular game. Free games like the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic, which can be found on the Internet are a little different from this military strategy and more like online shooters. Still, there are free games similar to the popular Heroes of Might and Magic, are able to compete with the legendary heroes.
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