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The history of mahjong games is shrouded in many mysterious legends. On one of them claimed that Confucius invented Mahjong in the VI century BC. e. and distributed throughout China. Another legend says that the Mahjong game fishermen to distract from seasickness. And there's even a version that says that the purpose of mahjong escape from boredom played on Noah's ark. I hope we have enough intrigued to pay attention to the game online Mahjong that is collected on our site. The rules of free mahjong games is somewhat like poker - here, too, need to collect a winning combination knuckles. If you decide to play mahjong online, be prepared for the fact that the party may be delayed for several hours because the game is not easy and so fascinating. Mahjong is usually played by 4 players, but if you choose a virtual version of the game, your opponent will be the computer. Mahjong play for free is not easy, including because of the diversity of gaming dice: in the classic version of the game Mahjong 144 bones present, divided into three broad categories, and there are 42 varieties of bones. In addition to the bones, there are also additional items used to play Mahjong. Since free mahjong games have proliferated around the world, it has caused the emergence of more than a dozen varieties of the game. Choose mahjong play online on our website, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of this game.
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