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War, like the East - a delicate matter. But unlike even the East, many times fiercer, rougher and worse. However, paradoxically, developers are increasingly delight the interested consumer games in the genre of military strategies or "vorgeymov" that, in principle, the same, only in profile. Under the genre of military strategy game suitable variety. It may be "Eador: Lord of the Worlds" - a fresh strategy in 2013, and "Europe is on fire", also a strategy, but in 2012. Also under the genre of military strategy games fall, not quite answering the strategy genre in its purest form. This can be a product or a successful connection of several genres in which element of the game Military strategy can act as dominant (an example of such games - "King Arthur", where a very strong influence of role-component) or the game of military strategy, which prevail over the other features of the genre accessories. As an example can be called a strategy of "Empire: Total War" and if you stay at this game in more detail, it is worth noting that this is the "vorgeym" is the purest representative of the genre - the military strategy. Here swoop nothing will take. Need to use all possible resources and sober calculation tricks to try to overcome the obstacles that have piled for passage of mono. After that you can take and assault multiplayer version here without a sober and prudent planning tactical maneuver - a little what happens. Mobile military strategy Virtually all known versions of stationary military strategies clones created on the platform flash Military Strategy game for mobile and portable devices. Slightly unloaded, especially for flash, Military strategy games do not concede, for the most part, his "elder brothers" on any part of the functionality, nor on the quality of the graphics. For flash games Military Strategy characterized by the same features as the play on the basis of stationary devices. Anyway, fully preserved fable storyline twists, action script, as combat operations and operations applied nature. User flash games Military Strategy in no way does not feel himself slighted the right to dispose of their fighting forces, build tactical plans and implement the strategic objectives in real time. Apart from a few scenarios mono companies such games may be provided with multi-user and companies that significantly expands the capabilities of mobile devices. To talk about the cost of a game in isolation from its features: advantages and disadvantages - a thankless job. If you can check all of these criteria, using a free military strategy game of nothing to lose, and the player will have a good opportunity to arrange a test site, and based on the fact that the free military strategy games, spreading everywhere, could not be better for such a test suitable, due to the zero value. And make to a conclusion about what the strategy is tailored to his tastes and predilections fullest. Also free games Military Strategy are good that their operation will not take the time to search for clues, "cracks", licenses and other unpleasant things, from which free games Military Strategy in the well-known reasons - free. Network as the arbitrator Naturally, overcoming all mono and won a series of brilliant victories in a multiuser environment, vanity not keep this from gamer to not learn military strategy games online with the entire world followers game and potential adversaries. Here it is on a shield or military strategy games will be a real catalyst for military leadership abilities that tactically that strategic thinking. If Military Strategy games can develop thinking and fosters a clearer view of the processes, so these games Military Strategy provide an opportunity, depending on the choice of a game, spend some time in the role of a great commander, or the great conqueror, or the great liberator . Pass around the online community to make a significant online signal.
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