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Mortal Kombat games released in 1992. Series of games, mainly designed for fans of martial arts. Initial idea was to produce a series of developers games with Jean Claude Van Damme, but instead created a Mortal Kombat game. In English the name of the game translates to mortal combat. Flash Mortal Kombat games have a high degree of cruelty and violence. Mortal Kombat games are known for their system of massacres and bloody destruction that requires a sequential series of pressing buttons. The developers claim that the increased brutality in games specifically designed to draw attention to the new product and create a scandal around the game and the excitement. But in the game Mortal Kombat play steel mainly because of their cruelty, which led to the great popularity of the series. Total paid and free Mortal Kombat games include eleven different games. The fourth part of the game you can play Mortal Kombat already in 3D. Series "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance" gives each fighter's own fighting style. Besides was developed storyline, turning the game into a full adventure. Flash games you can play Mortal Kombat online, finding them on different gaming portals, where they often create a separate section. To become a fan of this incredible game, many sites offer free games Mortal Kombat, play that can only be alone. Flash Mortal Kombat games do not require downloading or special requirements for your computer's OS. They can easily download and start playing at any time. In early versions of games almost a quarter of the fighters has been repainted, then there were only different heads, and everything else up to the manners of fighting copied. But with the transition to 3D each character created his own, personal image and style of fighting. Mortal Kombat game play is interesting - it's one of the first games that included such concepts as "Easter eggs". This comic links, games or puzzles for attentive players who are not required to go through, but can distract from the atmosphere of the game. Sometimes reveal the secrets made it possible to fight a secret fighter, which can be accessed only in this way. It is noteworthy that during the development of the game there were different versions of the end of the battle, in addition to traditional, bloody "Fatality", which differs spectacular and brutal annihilation of the enemy: • «Friendship" - the enemy offered truce; • «Infancy" - turning loser opponent in the child; • «brutality" - a player turns into a beast and rasterzyvaet enemy; • «Cruelty" - the destruction of the enemy by a series of violent attacks; • «Harakiri" - enemy killed himself, without waiting for the winner of the methods of the "Fatality"; • «Multi" - a special kind of "Fatality", it is available only in some series Mortal Kombat; • «heroic brutality" - heroic fatalities available in some series Mortal Kombat. The first significant change for free Mortal Kombat game has undergone in 1995, when it was released the third series of games. Many actors before shooting for the game were fired. Under pressure from Congress, was investigating brutality in video games Mortal Kombat, created less violent ending fights, for example, the conversion to an infant or friendship. In violent flash games to play Mortal Kombat, perhaps was only in 2001. In 2007, the game is available on Wi-Fi, free games you can play Mortal Kombat also Puzzle Kombat, Tetris, Chess and other online games with elements of the legendary game. The game became so popular that the idea of ​​the game used in cartoons, comics, movies and television series. Issued card games to play Mortal Kombat and even created a costume show. Mortal Kombat games went down in history as one of the most influential computer games that have influenced the development of the industry in the future.
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