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Everybody knows a story that happened a long time ago on the planet Cybertron. This is a story about the historic battle of the Autobots led by Optimus Prime undefeated with the Decepticons, led by Megatron. It was very devastating and long battle, during which the Autobots were defeated, and the Decepticons took over Cybertron. Autobots had to flee and take refuge on the planet earth. Earth is home to the Autobots for many years, they have made friends with people and began to live as one happy family. Once the Autobot forces were restored, they decided to re-enter the battle with the Decepticons for native Cybertron. Optimus Prime task becomes to gather the necessary strength to defeat the Decepticons. Based on this istoris photographed many films and vypusheno a lot of games. Optimus Prime games are also based on the above-described events. The protagonist of the game - it's incomparable Autobot Optimus Prime, he has great speed, power and unearthly power, which is why he is the leader of all the Autobots. Optimus Prime game details convey the perseverance and courage of the protagonist. He, along with his friend Bumblebee caught in traps and enemies without using it very difficult to cope with all the difficulties. Optimus Prime games give you the opportunity to participate in the rescue of Optimus and his friend from enemy captivity. You have a very difficult path on the way to victory. Optimus Prime game filled with all sorts of space labyrinths, which are fraught with hidden dangers, but with your help Optimus Prime will be able to cope with everything and save yourself and all the Autobots against the evil Decepticons. Optimus Prime flash games have exciting stories and challenging levels. In order to pass the game data you need to make an effort and perseverance. Starting any game of this series, you will not be able to come off as Optimus Prime flash games captivate your adventures. Each game has its own story, which is that Optimus has to cope with the enemies and save the Autobots and the earth. In order to successfully play the game Optimus Prime you need to learn how to skillfully avoid all obstacles standing in your way and destroy all the enemies that will try to hinder you. Optimus Prime to play games must be very careful, because the danger awaiting him at every step and one hasty movement can result in death or serious injury. Play games Optimus Prime is very exciting, because the main character has in its arsenal set of any techniques that will help him to successfully go all the way and save himself and his friend. Play games Optimus Prime can both small children and adults alike, everyone will find a game to your liking. These games help develop agility, thinking, eye and are able to fully satisfy both amateurs and professionals of flash games. Optimus Prime games online have wonderful graphics and nice music. This novelty of the game world, who have already achieved great popularity due to its extensive range and exciting plots. Optimus Prime games online is very easy to operate and therefore cope with them, maybe even a child. Moreover free Optimus Prime games have a Russian interface, so you can easily read all the information you need. These popular games will help you to feel the real leader of the Autobots and plunge into the dangerous world of the struggle for justice. Free Optimus Prime games will give you the opportunity to ride on a huge truck, while fending off attacks Decepticons. You will be able to control the process of transformation of the Autobots small cars in huge powerful robots. For many people, Optimus Prime became the embodiment of goodness and justice, playing him in these games, you can afford to enjoy all the delights and difficulties heroic life. These games will help each person to check their heroic quality, while exciting and interesting to spend your time.
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