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Prince of Persia is a quest Adventure, the first of which was released in 1989. The game differs from all of these games at the time of smooth animation and developing fascinating story. In developing the game Jordan Makner used new technology digitization movements that allowed heroes of the game Prince of Persia online move smoothly. Free Game Prince of Persia initially did not have much success because of incorrectly chosen platform. But after repeated release flash game Prince of Persia on different platforms the game became more popular. In 1993 the continued flash game Prince of Persia 2. This game already had a more sophisticated plot. The third version of the game Prince of Persia online enters the three-dimensional map, but unfortunately, this version has become a failure. After that Jordan Makner closes the project and decides not to continue to release more. In 2003, a completely different company releases fourth part, entitled "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", then followed the game "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" and "Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones." In 2012, the game was moved to the modern media, free flash game Prince of Persia now available on many gaming portals. In browser-based versions of Flash, Free Game Prince of Persia a little lite version of the game. But this in no way affects the gameplay. Story of the first part of the game is quite simple. Prince, who is also a player is in limbo at the ferocious Sultan. His task for 60 minutes to find a way out of the dungeon and rescue the princess. It is noteworthy that the prince may die many times, each time not appearing at the beginning of mileage level. The game is lost if the player fails to meet the specified time. Dungeon represents a labyrinth of corridors and different levels to go through them, the prince must use all his acrobatic skills. Weapons prince should get yourself on the first level. And here first detected inaccuracy development, which contain free game Prince of Persia. If the first level does not take up arms, it automatically appears in Prince early in the second level, which however, should not be. The first online version is not particularly developed Prince enemies, so that they turned a pretty faceless. Memorable remain a skeleton at the end of the third level and the Sultan himself Jafar at the end of the twelfth. Officially established record passing 13 minutes 45 seconds, but the passage used different tricks and "glitches" program, through which there is an opportunity to go through the wall. Differ substantially free game Prince of Persia, released in 2010. In this part of the Prince visiting his brother Malik, but finds his city besieged by enemies, and the inhabitants of the kingdom transformed into sand statues. Prince to fight the army of jinn and that helps him Razia - Queen people jinn. But late in the game, with Raziey something happens, the answer to this may give the following free game Prince of Persia. Throughout the game Prince of Persia online protagonist improving their skills. He has to fight a lot with different powers, and even show magical abilities. There are additional opportunities Prince where he can freeze water or perform accelerated jumps. As experience accumulates and Health prince. In addition, you can replenish energy, breaking vases and pitchers, and if lucky enough to find and destroy the magical sarcophagi of the Prince added a lot of experience points. Free game "Prince of Persia" became the theme for several animated series and films, and also released a book. This is one of the few examples when the game became the prototype for the film, and not vice versa. Free Game Prince of Persia can be found in almost every game portal, but it should be remembered that the first games differ significantly from the latter, and therefore judge the game can only be played a few games. Free Prince of Persia games can be played online without downloading and installation.
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