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Everyone knows the legendary Puss in Boots, who defeats his eyes fearless enemies and fight for justice. All used to seeing the cat, who curled up and sleeping at the feet of cute hosts, but not in this case. Charming and fearless Puss in Boots first saw on television the audience with "Shrek," he was famous for his compassionate eyes that captured the hearts of many. Play games Puss in Boots is completely free, no need to pay extra money to become a party favorite game. • Puss in Boots game dress protagonist; In the first game, you need to pick different outfits not only the main character - a cat, but his newly-girlfriend. Another version of the game - dress up a cat, even opens up the possibility to choose a weapon or wear a space suit. Rather, they need to find, while using natural wit and super ability of the protagonist, his agility. Necessary to help the cat spit wad as far as possible, and at all about all there are only 3 attempts. If you want to check your vision, then free games Puss in Boots search digits will be a great pastime. The essence of the game is that you need to find small numbers that appear at the same time with the heroes of the movie, while they may appear on a different background and different sizes. With this lesson, you can easily learn the numbers from the child, then he will be doubly interesting. Child, thus developing their imagination while learning to work with your computer. Flash games Puss in Boots dance battle - it is an opportunity to win a girlfriend of the protagonist. Need to memorize all the movements so that they then repeat and earn extra points. Need to quickly use all sorts of shortcuts to repeat steps a cat, because when fighting enemies are not asleep, they could repel any attack. Only need to climb up to get into the country beyond the clouds, and then what, you can see only once there! You can also arrange fun racing on a donkey, collecting magic spheres and earning points, or steal treasured beans.
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