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Computer role-playing games (and sounds like that deciphering abbreviations RPG) - this is quite a popular genre of modern computer games. The basis of this genre developers took gameplay elements desktop role-playing games. RPG - Games - is the perfect incarnation of the classic board computer game: the same principles, the same challenges and opportunities, but everything is much more colorful, dynamic and lively. Currently, flash RPG-game experience the peak of its popularity. If you believe the experts, the first signs of this genre appeared in the mid 70 - ies. I must say that in its long history, they have undergone a number of changes, and today brought to gamers in the form of exciting flash - games with a complex structure and objectives. Modern computer games RPG resemble a parallel world in which to plunge millions of people happy. Flash RPG - games give the player the ability to control several characters that are closest to them. Each character in the game has some or other abilities, skills and capabilities that you can always improve. Studying free RPG game with their characters, you will need to perform a number of tasks to overcome obstacles and solve the series is not a riddle. Each time, earn points and successfully overcoming all the difficulties together with their characters, you will climb to a higher level of play. Such levels RPG flash games can have up to 20. Widespread multiplayer role-playing games RPG, online. It can simultaneously participate in the game several hundred thousand gamers. The magnitude of this action is simply dazzling. With so many allies can build coalitions, to build economic relations or to create a great and invincible army. Structure multiplayer RPG-games are very complicated and confusing. Since it can handle only wise elder gamers who successfully mastered more than one computer role-playing game. Despite the huge number of games in this genre, two identical you are unlikely to find. Every company - RPG game developer is trying to create the most interesting and special application that will be beneficial to stand out among their peers. Nevertheless, all role-playing games (well, almost all) have many common characteristics. Here are some of them: • Action RPG games happening in the world "fantasy", which is inspired by the literary works of J. Tolkien. A little less, as a basis for role-playing game can take other literary works in the genre of alternate reality or science fiction. • Each character in the game has certain abilities and characteristics that throughout the game will be constantly changing. It all depends on the results of the passage of a player a certain level of flash games RPG. • Free RPG games have a tactical battle. The player can produce it in real time and steps. During this battle, at your main characters can be helpers (priests, healers, magicians, etc. ). They do not participate directly in combat, but actively help characters worthy of it to pass. • The presence of so-called "casual encounters" (usually they are a combat). All Free Games RPG have a different number of such meetings: in some games they happen quite often, and sometimes virtually absent. • Free RPG games give the opportunity to buy and sell different things, uniform, his character and abilities that etc. Quite often in the settlements to be visited heroes of the game RPG, online, trade - it's almost a unique function. • Riddles, puzzles and mazes. Each level of RPG games online has its own tasks. The higher the level, the more difficult it will be to solve the puzzles.
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