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Flash games Resident Evil is popular worldwide video game created in the genre of "survival in a nightmare." The game is built on a plot of a horror movie "Resident Evil." The main heroes of Resident Evil games to go through incredible trials, many will die in an unequal struggle, but the survivors will be rewarded with life. Resident evil games have several parts, each of which has its own complete story, but still there is a general storyline that brings together all the pieces. Resident Evil version of flash games created for those who like to play online without downloading and installation on your PC and laptop. Free flash games Resident Evil can be found on gaming sites, where are some parts of this exciting saga. In the first part of the flash games Resident Evil Expedition Alpha Team combing the area, stumbles upon the mansion, which they have to go through a lot of rooms, to kill a lot of zombies, monsters and creatures before they find out. The alpha 1, alpha 2 and beta Flash games Resident Evil with the same story, but on behalf of the different characters. In the second part flush Resident Evil games, the heroes have to find a way out of town, overrun by zombies, which have become almost the whole town. There are new characters and new storyline flash games Resident Evil. The second version of Resident Evil games was a great success and critical acclaim and gamers around the world. If the first and second free flash games Resident Evil have a pretty tenuous connection, the third part is a direct continuation of the second part, which tells of the events that took place two days later. About how the infection occurred city and its consequences for the world. By the way, the plot of the third part of the Resident Evil games filmed "Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse". The fourth part is familiar with the previous installments flash games Resident Evil Leon Scott Kennedy, who is waiting for the mission to rescue the president's daughter. Hero to conduct an investigation in the city, village and other places. The fourth part was released not only as a version for video games for the PC, but the version for Play Station. The fourth part of Resident evil has become the best-selling version of the online game. The fifth part of Resident Evil significantly differ by construction game. To minimize summarized quest periods, the game is more attention paid to the battles with the terrorists. It will prevent the spread of viruses on the transaction. In the previous parts have been many different puzzles and challenges that needed to be addressed in order to continue the game, with this part of the developers have paid attention to the opposite choice of weapons, bonuses and "diversity" enemies, which in this part very much. In the sixth part of the action takes place around the globe, the game has a few options. The most unexpected of the game is that the hero has to kill the president, who after the attack becomes infected zombies. You can play multiple campaigns, each time for new heroes who are familiar with previous versions of the fans. Free Resident Evil games have come a long way and have evolved significantly, the opportunity to melee, a variety of weapons, and, of course, exciting storylines with characters who gain experience with every part. Although their opponents too are becoming more inventive and insidious. Although Japan is the birthplace of the game, the game is worldwide known as Resident evil, which was released for the U.S. market. In Japan it is known as BIOHAZARD, which translated means "biological contamination" and more accurately captures the essence of all versions. Free Resident Evil games on different sites can be found only the previous version, the last part is not available in free mode. Interestingly, the game save anywhere possible if the player killed, then you have to start the level again. The seventh version of today is in development, flash games and fans are waiting for Resident Evil favorite continuing saga.
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