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Free SWAT games - a legendary series of computer games that has gained huge popularity among gamers all over the world. At its core, SWAT games - a spin - off of the once popular adventure game Police Quest. Basis of free games SWAT was the work of a special unit in the police of America - Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT). This brave soldiers who take part in operations with an increased risk of using light military weapons and special tactics. Not surprisingly, the game SWAT quickly found his gamer. Opportunity to stay in the role of a soldier of a special unit attracts many guys. What is interesting is that the development of the very first issue SWAT flash game was attended not only programmers but also the creator of units SWAT, and the former chief of police in Los - Angeles. These people have helped to recreate as accurately as possible in the game all the details of units SWAT, and make it more interesting as possible. The runaway success of the first flush - SWAT game was the best proof of that. Despite the huge success and worldwide recognition that accompanied free games SWAT for all 9 years of their existence, the last owner of the brand has decided not to continue the series. That's because the SWAT suddenly came into the world of computer games, so he and his ... no word "left" here does not fit, say "stopped its development." Of course, this news has generated a lot of controversy and outrage. How many requests and letters have been addressed to the company - publisher of loyal fans SWAT games online, but alas, it is his decision and has not changed. The last part of the game was released April 5, 2005. That's about it, and we want to tell you a little bit more. Story flash game SWAT 4 is only in the description of the missions. All missions are unique to each other and have no connection. Have a mission to perform and all. Each mission has its own detailed instructions (text or voice) which includes a detailed description of the object, all the hostages, suspects. You can even listen to the recording of the telephone to offer treatment in the emergency services. Therefore, even if free games for you new SWAT, you can very quickly find. On this score should not worry. Gameplay can act both as a single player and multiplayer. If we talk about a single game mode, SWAT, it is divided into three phases: training, career and task editor. Education brave fighters held in special forces training center, under the leadership of Lt. Sonya Bonds. Here, the player learns to shoot at targets, throw grenades, and a master key to open the door with a grenade manage fighters and so etc. All this can be very useful for you in the mission. The next stage of the single player game SWAT - career. Then the player will perform 13 missions. Before each passage, you will receive detailed instructions and choose the outfit of the group capture. At the last stage, the player has the option, based on previous experience and location, create new missions. Multiplayer flash game SWAT has a number of differences. This applies to the tactical component and a set of weapons and equipment. In this version of the game 4 modes are available: • Co-op • Security • Assault • Emergency In all game modes SWAT, online (except the first), all players are divided into two groups: criminals and riot police. First have khaki uniforms and red light on the back. SWAT differs form with bright blue - blue LED. In some modes, SWAT games online (or to be precise, the Emergency and Protection) killed players respawn. New reinforcement (ie the revival of dead) takes exactly 30 seconds. Massively Multiplayer SWAT, online is a separate service - GameSpy.
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