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In the current troubled times, when cities and towns are full of suspense and poorly lit (just places where very would not hurt), to adhere to the code of honor in 1863 and know by heart the "Eugene Onegin", very few will. Because if you meet in this sparsely lit area two or three funny guys with yesterday's breath and eager thirst for knowledge in the eyes, then five minutes they can distract reciting scenes duel between Onegin and Lensky. But five minutes later, brutally suppressing the idea that one person so much words can not know, they surrender to quench the thirst for revenge is not the time shown by the cost of higher education. In this dispute, they will be the winners, and for what they have, as the vanquished, to give bail to the dispute, on the eve of a payday. Week to cover bruises, hiding from the neighbors and a meeting with one good man, give yourself a word, the hour is to enroll in a section of Taekwondo and a week later start to raid the city cleaning of the evil spirits in the spirit of Batman or Spider-Man. Romanticism, of course, on vegetable oil. You need not run in section ten years to learn and getting the belt to break a leg. Need to sharpen the eye. To do this, take part in the skeet shooting section. Confidence comes when, after 10 shots in the standings is 99 points. Need to attend elementary Tyre game supermen leave until better times. Keep in the right and left hand, alternately, the weight 2 pounds. Temper the muscles of the arms, to accustom them to endurance. Learn to hold their breath for a long time, unimodal with trembling at the knees and pain in the joints. After weeks of preparation to run again in Tir games ended. Train hard to turn in the same mechanical procedure as ezheutrenny shower. Little physical training and practical shooting, add to daily fighting games Tyre after visiting them. Persevere, subordinating all thoughts, will clenched into a fist, periodically arrange shooting games Tyre, like checking skills. Set the simulator shooting on a computer and also included in the training. If this seems a little No hurry. Mobile device does not let go. For him, there is a version flash Tyre playing outdoors, away from human eyes. Constantly think about winning and keep in mind the way to the goal, mentally placing it along the mark: what is done, what else to do. At the slightest opportunity included in the flash games Tyre considered part of the overall training. For flash games Tyre also a good place, but everything is better when you pass flash games Tyre have in mind as a battlefield designed to test all the new skills and abilities. All theoretical knowledge, their thoroughness and depth, always checked in practice. If the theoretical training they are omissions, the hour is negative will have an effect on the practical classes. Since all financial flows are subject to the same case, to spend money on trifles not worth it. With all the clarity and specificity needed to approach the issue of the educational process cheaper. In this case, good service can do a free Tyre games, saving material resources, but with the same features as the paid resources for self-improvement. These free games Tyre need to look at the resources devoted to patriotic education. In order to avoid problems with the software, you need to protect free games Tyre using antivirus programs. Because hidden opponents resources, which can be placed free games Tyre, making every effort to destroy these resources. And finally, he felt that his hand and his eyes ready for the challenge, as last training point to visit Tyre, online games, which are collected, usually, the best representatives of small community network. While Tyr advertise online games available throughout the network. And finally came the confidence that ended childrens games Tyre becomes the arena of this struggle. And those funny guys who did not understand the laws of this game Tyre brains right.
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