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Sim Games - one of the best representatives in the genre of simulation. In fact, this is the first game - a simulator that creates people. Yes, you heard right, sim games give you an opportunity to create whole families and control their lives. Many professionals, and gamers secretly called this game not only as "simulator of God." First SIM free games came in 2000. Result developers surpassed all expectations. The game became an instant hit. After release followed SIM - 2, and a number of additions. To date, SIM flash games sold more than 100,000 copies. This stunning result awarded the title of best-selling game in the history of the PC - the game. Flash games have original SIM graphics. The gameplay screen presents a pseudo isometric projection. It can be rotated in four directions, zoom in and out the picture (it is enough to press the + and -). Meaning the game Sim, as has been said, is the creation and management of the family. Family can create yourself, or use an existing option. Maximum number of people in the family - 8 people. If you decide to choose the first option, below we provide a list of parameters to be selected: • Name and Surname family member • Gender • Age • skin color (race) • Appearance • Personal characteristics (zodiac sign, the degree of cleanliness, life activity, attitude, habits, relationships with other family members, etc. ). In addition to standard personal characteristics, each member of the family you created, has a scale of skills (body, charisma, logic, creativity, and cooking equipment). Everything is exactly as in real life. It is interesting that in the early Sim games online is not full scale. You must do it yourself. For example, if you want the sim to enjoy good health, you should check that he was engaged in at the gym, jogging, and swimming in the pool. The same applies to other skills. SIM free mobile games offer the player conditions as close to reality. So, every sim you created (man) has the same needs as in real life. If you are not paying sufficient attention to the sim, so it will remain somewhat dissatisfied, and this can lead to depression, and then complete disobey your commands. To avoid this, SIM free games offer you a list of mandatory requirements that have to be met: food, hygiene, comfort, toilet, communication, entertainment, comfort and energy. Think, to explain the meaning of each requirement makes no sense: everything is clear. Sim games do their best to repeat the life of this man. As an example you can use your life. So it will be easier in the early stages to cope with all tasks. Sim games are 5 modes: • Live mode. It is in this mode, the flash sim games and the player spends most time. Here, time is in real mode, and only here Sims ready to obey your commands. • The purchase. Every family needs a regular shopping, and ours - is no exception. If you want to buy furniture, food, clothes and other things, we should not forget that the game immediately stop. Sims will not respond to your commands. After completion of the shopping come continuation flash game Sim. • Build Mode. Here you will be able to perform all types of construction - renovations. As well as in the game Sim, "buying", all actions are suspended. • Camera mode and setting mode. Camera mode is selected if you need to make a few screenshots. SIM mode settings games online is necessary if you change some parameters, or switch to a parallel family. SIM free games provide the player with such a possibility.
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