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Sumo - this form of martial arts from Japan, where a circular ring in battle is determined by the strongest. The only country in which such competitions are held - this is Japan, but in the virtual space, there are games Sumo, in which you can arrange arts and home front of the monitor. Besides, sumo wrestlers are preparing for the race for years, and you only when you click on the link "start" is already having on the battlefield. And when injuries occur during fights, fighters often have to give up exercise for a long time, and playing in the flash game, as you know, you are completely safe. Sumo games are different. They have different graphics, interface, sound, control, but basically the rules remain the same. Generally, in the original rules of the game Sumo are: using grips allowed for parts of the body, slapping, pushing, tripping, throws and other elements must be allowed to make the first opponent to touch the ground with any part of the body and even the ends of the hair (except the foot) or atonement for the first outside of the circle, where the fight. Often, these competitions are held around a few seconds, as a strong wrestler can knock down the enemy hard, or driving out of bounds. Flash games Sumo also, on average, do not last long, but it all depends on how fast you are targeting and how deftly manage your character. Sumo games require you to focus and full concentration on the game. You can not escape, or move in any case, if the game goes against the computer, and not against a real opponent. Take a break except that you can between contractions. Free games sumo presented in a variety of options, but the rules are not changed by this. So the main task of the game Sumo online push opponent out of the circular field. To control your character using the arrow keys, but if you play together with your friends, its management - keys A, W, D, S. Invite player flash games online Sumo can not, so either play against the computer, or share the keyboard. The rules of this game Sumo online is very simple. Your wrestler right opponent - left. When you displace the opponent out of the field, you get points, if you displace - you lose points. Free Games Sumo always available if you have access to the Internet. You do not have to endure lengthy downloads, as is usually the case with computer games. Just go to the site and free Sumo games already at your disposal. Another plus is that the game does not need to acquire special joysticks, keyboard or mouse, and in the management of such a simple even a child will understand. Another reason that you can play for free child Sumo game is that the game is not as severe as the other games of the same genre. Sumo flash game - it's not a bloody mess, it does not need to kill anyone. This kind of thing can have a negative impact on the psyche of children, and in this game Sumo excluded such moments. Sumo - is an art, and you need to treat the game, respectively. In addition to the classic flash game Sumo may appear similar, where the rules and the field will be the same, but the game is supposedly not framed as Sumo. For example, instead of wrestlers, you can control animals or monsters, and instead of the usual round of the field - the pool or trampoline. Sumo games, basically, they do not teach you anything special and do not develop the special qualities. Graphics and game rules are also quite primitive as for an adult. The game has no special nuances, special missions and strategic thinking you do not need, in a very realistic games. Free sumo games are designed for children aged about 8-13 years, adults are unlikely to find something interesting, but I still wish you a fun and winning games.
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