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Vikings - these are legendary creatures from whom the Swedes. Anyway, the Swedes think so. But in the stories about Vikings more myths and legends beautiful than this historical truth. They were slightly bulky uncles and aunts, something worn on the head, the similarity, Russian hat, but with large bull horns on the sides. Easily communicate with witches liked slapped by every evil places, small goblins and finish their great feats - victory over the mighty dragon. According to oral tradition, has come down to us in writing, dragons in those places vodilos so that each Viking just enough for one to complete a glorious way. Then they went to retirement and who are engaged in it: who invented stories about myself, who have learned the wisdom of witches, and who remained tame dragons and organized the first dairy farm meat. Some Vikings game and came up with all sorts of neat they were passed from generation to generation, and that was present craftsmen good help. Because, first of all, the soldiers were Vikings game about them, are pronounced, militaristic orientation. At the beginning of the game the Vikings, the people then more mythical, lose their god. His vile destroy enemies. Enemies should retaliate. I must say that throughout the game Vikings passing revenge everyone met on the way. Carelessly destroy enemies, and do not spare the village just individual buildings, robbing caravans and neighbors. We must somehow provide for their own livelihoods. Enough to make the Vikings troops slightly stronger opponent, send your squad to combat mission and victory will be celebrating the ancestors of the Swedes. But zigzags fantasy based on ancient legends, very fancy. So ... History tablet Designed for flush. Vikings games, which are adapted to a different platform, imply that their settlements attacked army of zombies (former glorious warriors who fell in battle). Vikings need to raise an army and defeat the evil dead. To win the game in flash, the Vikings game, the meaning of which is based on confrontation and help good and evil gods, must use all sorts of magical devices, previously provided for this flash game Vikings. Special magical runes, causing magic dragon, flash games for Vikings introduced to achieve victory. To achieve it, the magic is no longer valid and have to do on their own. The graphics are very well conveys the richness of colors of the surrounding world, which thicken and grow dim as we approach the beginning of the battle. From heaven even starts to rain. But the closer the final victory, the brighter the environment, changing the color of the sky, foliage of trees becomes brighter, clearer rivers. To maximize access to resources, there are free Vikings games that do not require any additional input keys or renewal of licenses, or whatever else you can think of to free Vikings games also bring some earnings. Free Games Vikings, despite this seemingly dubious status, are no different from the same version, but paid. Graphics is the same as the speed of the same. Just Free Games Vikings are encouraged to promote mythological heritage of the ancient people. Battles Online Many people like to battle, but do not like to fight alone with themselves. Glory crave network! For these heroes Vikings games. Entering a brotherhood Vikings games online and begin the fight for the title of most powerful Viking network and the world network space under the name IP. xxx. xxx. xxx. (E fits winner). Generally games Vikings doing a great educational work, introducing a wide audience with a very ancient layers of Scandinavian folk art (oral). Vikings game even in appearance and development of the characters are invaluable knowledge on psychology and ethnography of the peoples of Scandinavia in ancient times. And online communication helps closer unity and exchange of views ... and strikes if the online mode to someone, someone's opinion comes bad. In such cases, the methods of the Vikings still - are relevant.
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