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Is often the case, and in the history of this mass evidence that someone created something finds its own force and out of obedience. Literary and historical evidence to support this development is, weight. The order of events that led a huge body of games, called for convenience, WWII games, once again eloquently confirms - if the student is talented and successful teacher, he awaits his own life, in which the teacher plays the role of a wise counselor and contemplative. Development of its WWII games started modestly and almost imperceptibly. In those days, when the game WWII only declared itself, there was not only possible to control the Russian-speaking server, but even in Russian WWII games were not translated, that, if we make jokes, very much contributed to the development and dissemination of unprecedented interest in the English language . Strongly absorbed in the story, we can say that the original developers of the game division into two parts - the Horde and Alliance, and shared, a large group of fans of this game in two parts, depended on personal preferences and the objectives pursued in the game. The game has evolved as it has its own laws, in part responding to the needs of an ever-increasing army of admirers, partly absorbing the best achievements in the development of games in this category. Time did not stand in place, the development of gaming opportunities to meet the requirements of time. Time rejuvenated heroes Time required new approaches to solving old problems. During the existence of the Second World War games, sophisticated fans, replaced the hot young team, which called for greater mobility while maintaining the earlier successes. Demand begat offer, in this particular case, maybe vice versa, and issued on the mountain, WWII flash game. Fans quieted down for a while, feverishly developing new horizons WWII flash game and looking for what it could be used to make a complaint. Developers remembering covenants "grown gray" during game culture, "fathers", very much not to lose face, and as much by the time the rejuvenated bigotry, well aware that in the mobile versions of flash games ERW casualties are inevitable . Loss was a little concerned they mostly graphical shell and speed of implementation. As mobile flash games WWII had virtually the same feature set as the "grandfather." Spectacle did not become less (do not mean size), achievements and goals of the game have changed slightly, which, in general, the process does not have a significant impact. Strategy and Tactics Initially, at the dawn of its inception, the game WWII established a price level that those blessed times it seemed that possession only by the oligarchs of the time, at least - the owners of the stalls or bazaar points. But the general democratization of retail prices touched his magic wing and this sphere of human activity. Over time, prices have become available, and after this boom came, timidly at first, then more insistently - Free WWII games. Expanded their range of services becoming more attractive and complimentary WWII games have become fully part of this is certainly a very competitive market. If we talk about the losses that are inevitable in free versions of favorite games, they are not so great to spend the rest of life accumulation of money to buy the paid version. Free Games WWII do not require special attention to themselves, they do not need the keys and license. Free Games WWII have a very significant advantage. They have the ability to start any mission, at any level, and if not pass, start again. From the outset, the network From the first steps developers found that WWII games will since their inception. Those who originally used a version of WWII games, to present time have the opportunity to communicate with almost half of the globe. Anyway, fans of the game Second World War, has long been set up all sorts corporations and clubs where WWII games are the hallmark of "us" and "them." They spend all kinds of online conferencing and online roundtables, long being a corporation in the corporation.
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