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All fans of Wolfenstein games, online dedicated. Wolfenstein games - a story "shooting", designed for one player. The whole history of the game takes place via videozastavok, scripted events, intelligence, telegraph messages that the hero will find in many different places. Passions free Wolfenstein games begin from the first minutes of the game. The developers of this product made sure to intrigue remained throughout all the games until its closure. That's what gamers like and Wolfenstein games. The main hero of this game playing brave agent OCA with a rather strange name - William Blazhkovich. We will not attempt to unravel the ancestry of our hero, will leave his name on the conscience of the developers and go further. Wolfenstein action game set in the fictional German town Izenshtadt. It was here on his way our hero from the start. Here he will receive up to two missions from completely different groups, and perform the update on the black market. Throughout flash games Wolfenstein William will find not only weapons, but also many other useful items. For example, a medallion "Tula". We advise you not to overlook this "Thing", as she will be able to discover the hero flash games Wolfenstein completely new possibilities: • Vision veils. Hero can see all the secrets, and in the future, during the upgrade, and see through walls. • Dirt. This unique ability to slow down over time. • Shield. Great ability to block enemy bullets. After the upgrade, the hero can not only block, but return them back. • Increased power. Several times increases strength damage dealt to the enemy. Each subsequent activation of the medallion will allow the player to get into another dimension of time, which are called "Veil". It acts kind of barrier between the real world and the fictional William measurement "Black Sun", which is so eager to learn the Nazis. Getting into the "Veil", our hero will face various amorphous creatures (Geist). By themselves, they pose no threat to you, but if you kill one of them (and you certainly do, as Geist destruction leads to a powerful explosion near your enemies), and the rest will attack Geist. Among other things, free games Wolfenstein allows the player to collect and other equally important elements: Intelligence, Tom forces Gold. First open a new hero story information that for some reason was still not available, and also activates some weapon upgrades. Gold for flash games Wolfenstein is the main currency, which can be used to purchase upgrades in the black market. Tom forces strengthen Vualnye force. As you can see, free Wolfenstein game will keep a lot of mystical moments. Surprising when you consider the fact that the game was created in the genre of "shooter." However, experience has shown that one does not prevent the other, and vice versa - does the game Wolfenstein online more interesting and enjoyable. Free games Wolfenstein offer the player two modes: single and multiplayer. In a second embodiment, the player has the option to choose one of three classes: Medic, Engineer and Soldier. Each of these classes has its own mission and function, and their name is not difficult to guess what. Moreover, each class game Wolfenstein, online Vualnymi have certain powers. All the weapons available to the player from the very beginning of the game Wolfenstein. Update only be unlocked weapons. Generally, Wolfenstein games (multiplayer) consist of three modes: Team Deathmatch (destruction of opponents of the opposing team) Stopwatch (execution of missions and tasks for a certain period of time) and target mode (attack or defense purposes). Free Wolfenstein games have always been a complicated structure and interesting adventures.
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