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Dear our visitors, welcome to the section of our site dedicated to the cult series of computer games developed and released by the British company Team 17. It's about worm games, or worms. Probably, today there is not a single person who, although he has never heard about this wonderful game in his life, where worms are amusing pink worms, they are waging real war with each other. The war until complete destruction. Is not it fun and not fun. That's right, very! If you want to get an inexhaustible charge of positive energy and a lot of pleasure, put off all your business and start playing worms. So do not be lazy and go to any of the games of the genre of"worms"presented on our website. Or, if you want to hammer in the search engine query worms play online. In this section, you can play the best and most interesting games about worms and many of its modifications. Especially for you here was collected everything only the very best and interesting from the genre of the game worms. A little walk through the history of the game worms. The first part of this wonderful game about worms was released in 1994. What is this great game - worms like we used to call it. Worms is a turn based game that combines the elements of several other genres of games. Worms significantly and obviously differs from the representatives of the most characteristic genre of turn-based strategies, but nevertheless the game about worms conditionally applies to it. A series of games worms - they are also worms - is the most famous representative of the games of the genre of turn-based strategy. Today, the game about worms worms is just as popular as in the year it was released. Today, most players play the most delayed game from the Worms Armageddon series. But this does not mean that other representatives of the series have lost their attractiveness and are not in demand today. For you will start playing worms games, you will learn that for games about worms there are always championships, different tournaments, there are professional leagues, P. That once again confirms the not diminishing popularity of the online game"worms". Therefore, dear visitors, do not deny yourself the pleasure - and start playing worms on our website.
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