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Do you know, dear gamers what ZX Spectrum? If not, we will be happy to tell you about it. ZX Spectrum - the first personal computer, which was released to the masses. It was with him the era of personal computers. Despite its relatively short history (this computer has been on the market for exactly 10 years), he could make a substantial contribution, including the development of computer games. Yes, friends, the first computer games appeared thanks to this device. First games for zx spectrum appeared in 1982 and had a huge success. Of course, compared with graphics and structure of modern computer games, zx spectrum games seem very primitive. However, while it was a real breakthrough. Due to the huge popularity in the west of the personal computer (primarily due to its affordable price), our craftsmen have decided to offer the computer in the domestic market, and very quickly adapted to its assembly. Almost immediately it was followed and games for zx spectrum. What to say to our unsophisticated consumer, such novelties were a bombshell. Computers and zx spectrum game selling like hotcakes. Since then, it took a long time. In place of the first simple personal computer came laptops, tablets, smartphones and other products of modern computer technology. Games have become three-dimensional, intricate and as realistic as possible. It's amazing, but in the vastness of the Internet you can find flash games for zx spectrum. They completely repeat their parents quality graphics and straightforward storyline. In short, modern zx spectrum games are indistinguishable from the originals. I bet you have a question, "but why in the current diversity need such zx spectrum games for free? . " Can give several arguments in favor of simplicity, the opportunity to study the evolution of computer games, etc. etc. But the most important answer to this question - nostalgia. After these games the whole epoch called "90 - th year," and forget that time has not yet managed to anyone. Playing free games zx spectrum, as you - as if returning 20 years ago. Such feelings are expensive. Today, as 25 years ago, developers are offering us a large selection of zx spectrum games online. Select top best of them is impossible: they are all worthy of your attention. Below we offer you a small list of flash games zx spectrum, which is worth a try first. Airwolf. Story flash games for zx spectrum next - you are a professional pilot who runs a top-secret helicopter. Your task - to save the five scientists who are held hostage in one of the underground bases. You need to completely destroy this base defense and rescue the scientists. Here you have to show all their skills piloting a helicopter. Anarchy. The beauty of this game for the zx spectrum online is that it is painfully reminiscent of the legendary "Tanchiki." You have been selected for a very important mission - to destroy the entire stock in stock insurgents who have launched a revolution on your planet. Within 2 minutes, with the help of his tank, you need to destroy all the container in the room. In this case you will need to avoid contact with the guards. Right - get into the next room, if not - have to go back to the top of the game for the zx spectrum online. Sir Lancelot. Another living legend, which are free games zx spectrum. Brave knight Lancelot to find a way out of the tangled maze. You will need to go through 24 rooms full of different tests. Turmoil. This game is considered one of the most fun, which today offer free games zx spectrum games. The fact is that here you are the hardened mechanic who so annoy the evil master, decides to punish him. Better way than to steal his entire fleet and impossible to think. More fun zx spectrum games, you will not find online.
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