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Computer games Aerohockey considered one of the most popular sports in the genre. Air hockey - this is a very simple game. It involved two players (in some cases, your opponent can be the computer itself), each task is to score a goal in the opponent's goal. Air hockey flash game gained widespread popularity immediately after its first release. Uncomplicated rules and easy management of the game, allow everyone who wants to practice in Agility. Terms Aerohockey computer games are no different from the rules of the classic game, and are as follows: • Each goals scored in the opponent's goal brings the player one point. • The winner is the player who will score the first seven goals against. • Goal is counted if the puck hit the net. • slugger puck player can only its part of the playing field. Can not go into enemy territory and try to avoid hitting. Manage flash games Air Hockey by using the mouse. No complicated combinations of the keys do not need to recruit. Yes you have to time it will not. Outcome of the game depends entirely on your reaction speed and accuracy. Free Air Hockey game - it's a great opportunity to practice your reaction speed. There is no need to build complex strategic scheme. Quite simply, the playing field has two bits and washer. In this game be able to play everything. Free Air Hockey game do not have any age restrictions. Try yourself as a champion can both children and adults. A wide selection of Air Hockey games online, which can be seen today, gives the player to select a variety of game conditions. This can be a classic championship, complete with bleachers and screaming fans, or a modest match tete - a - tete in what - something cozy bar. Or maybe you'll fight for the future of the planet? For beginners, the game Air Hockey online can offer several levels of difficulty. In these cases, you can choose the qualification of "newcomer", "amateur" or "professional." The first time you try your hand at this game, we recommend to start with a simple level. Potreniruetes bit, rapped your strokes and can move on to more complex game. Some Air hockey games allow a little practice before the game. Here you play with yourself. This game may not seem very interesting, but informative. Enumerate all the games you Aerohockey that available online just does not make sense: a lot of them. We bring you the classification by type of flash Air hockey game that will help you make your choice. The first type of flash game is a classic game of Air Hockey. There are no additional effects and adaptations. Even the face of the enemy often remains in the shadows. These games differ high quality graphics and sound. As they say, there is nothing superfluous, only the game itself. Following free Air Hockey game as mere children's games. Here the role of the enemy stands one of the heroes of children's cartoon. Making the game is very colorful and fun. Very often in these games, each player or enemy action accompanied by fun sounds or comments. Followed by free games Air hockey for a while. It is rather a professional level. There is no place more than emotions and reflections. You and your opponent (usually a computer) withdrawing a small amount of time for which you need to show the best results. The fourth option Aerohockey games online - game in the style of minimalism. Principles of the game remain the same here - you must repel the enemy puck and score his goal, but the appearance has changed a bit. Minimalistic design does not allow the presence of the table, and the other attributes of this tournament. There are only bits and washer. Such games Air Hockey, also found their online gamer.
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