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Who does not like speed and wind in his hair. Who does not like rides? Probably the most terrible and from this such a class attraction are the roller coaster. It's both scary and fun. But, unfortunately, we can not afford to ride them every day. But now, this problem is solved. If you want to get a boost of energy and a big dose of adrenaline - play our roller coaster games. What is the essence of the games about the roller coaster. The main goal of these games is to create a successful amusement park of roller coasters. To do this, you, using hints, should build step by step your own slide, the hill of your dreams. And in stages. After each new arrival of your visitors, you will receive, and discover new and new opportunities and elements of your hill. These are different loops, zigzags, sharp turns and much more. But it's not so simple. You must constantly ensure that your visitors are satisfied, your rails reliably converged and the lifts were steep enough, but not too much, otherwise the car might just stop.
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