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Arcade - it is a separate genre of computer games, the main feature of which - simplicity. To put it simply, the arcade game - these are the coin-operated game machines, which until recently was filled with our country. Remember as a child, visiting attractions, you played in the sea battle or race? These are the best free arcade games.

Today arcade games of old slot machines will be continued in the flash version. And traditional and computer games arcade - it is one and the same. And in the first and in the second case scenario of the game is simple to indecency. Yes, and computer graphics on the scenario is not far gone.

You have not yet decided whether you want to play in the arcade? Modern technologies allow to create computer games with a complex structure and graphics. Nevertheless, free arcade games do not lose their fans. These games are ideal for easy and pleasant stay. There is no need to build complex strategic scheme, to think three steps ahead. It's very simple and not pretentious, and it suits many. Free Arcade Games require the player only three things: clarity, speed of reaction and a good eye. All the rest - a trick. Welcome to the arcade to play for free on our website.

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