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According to rules of the game Assassin can be attributed to the area open world-projects, because they each player has the opportunity to thoroughly explore the world and do it in a free manner. All playground - is a kind of simplified model of the old holy land, which is divided into 7 parts. They include three large cities (Acre, Damascus and Jerusalem), as well as Masyaf (Castle of the Assassins), and the space that lies between them - this Kingdom. The last assassin game is divided into two parts, with the present citadel of Arsuf and location near the Arch, which is open only gamer in the 6th block of memory. In this kingdom there are fairly large area, which are located between the mountains, with the locals live in small towns and camps of the Crusaders. A player has the opportunity to travel throughout the foot, and to choose for this horse. Almost every soldier who meets the gamer on the way to flash games Assassin - is the enemy of the Brotherhood and Altair. If you begin to attract their attention to themselves, they can recognize and then you can not avoid a fight, because they will try to kill you. The first settlement, which you will see in the game - Masyaf, it is located on the mountain, and every next street is above its predecessor. At the peak of the mountain when you start playing the game Assassin, you will realize that there is a lock of the Brotherhood, it is surrounded by powerful walls. In the game, the gamer has to fully integrate into the urban environment, and learn how to move around in the game, that is, in the style of parkour. Also, deciding to play Assassin game online, you will learn about the basics of harassment and will be able to perform the first task, which will stand in front of you. Find among residents Masyaf teacher and you can assume that half of the things you have already completed. In the game you can get into the city with the help of four ways. The first and most secure - starting to play the game Assassin need to try with the novices get to their destination. Enough to press the appropriate key, going to a group of monks, and you will be able to become one. If you wish, listen, because understand that one of the monks began to pray in Latin. Also, this method will play Assassin games and perform other tasks. Monks on the radar marked with a special icon to play the game Assassin been easier. You will always be clear and useful to them or not. Also you can get into the city on the main gateway using beams. But if one movement is designed by you correctly, you can be sure that it will lead you to the collapse and the need to fight with the guards. In addition, free games Assassin give you the opportunity to get into the city to fight, but going to an unknown location to you, it is better not to do it, because to get away from the chase will be very difficult. And, finally, kill to get into the city, someone at the city gates hidden blade. Until such time as the guards decide to examine the body, you can easily get in and continue to play a free game Assassin. Each player in the game Assassin can climb on any building - a tower or wall. At the same time forbidding the big cities can be considered as only the walls, because they do not have any projection, and you can not get abroad. Designed architecture of the whole plot of the game Assassin so that Altair could seamlessly get on any roof, when the need arises. But that's not all options of transportation, presented to the player. Among the buildings you can find wooden blocks and beams. In addition, they allow you to jump, so you can move horizontally and jump on them. The player can easily get away from the chase in the flash game Assassin by this privilege. Enough to jump from the box on the beam and vice versa. Throughout the game you will improve your own skills and use them to perform additional tasks pop. The basis of the game - a pursuit and investigation, so Assassin games online are even more exciting and interesting. Gather the necessary information and get to your goal.
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