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By the time of the release in the world of the James Cameron movie Avatar, anime about the adventures of the Avatar, a boy who owned all the elements, has long been popular all over the world. Under the sign of the avatar, there was already a legend about aang, avatar, different clothes and much more. But after the arrival of Avatar James Cameron, the road to the cinema of the old, classic Avatar was closed forever. The screen version of the"real"Avatar still happened, but under a different name, which in turn led to a strong drop in the level of box office fees. Plus, now many confuse everything that is possible. After all, after such a successful film, it would be strange not to release the game. And now it turns out that on the Internet there are two very popular games under the same name Avatar. And now it is very problematic to find on request the avatar of the game exactly what you wanted. And the themes are those, avatars are radically different, and not only plots, but also stylistics and game genre. Some of our visitors who want to play in the anime avatar will not be interested in playing dress-up games based on the Avatar of James Cameron. On the other hand, fans of the most cash-successful film in the world play a game based on anime, too, may not be very interesting.
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