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Young children - small chores, big kids - big trouble. Through this truth are all parents, without exception. First "swallows" come at a time when your child should gradually prepare for school. And the first thing you need to face - this letter. It is known that hold the attention of a young child is very difficult, and learn almost no one wants. In such cases, this wand - wand serve ABC games. These simple flash - applications are designed so that all training is perceived by the child as a game. Learn playfully learning play. Free alphabet games serve a good helper for young parents. Many parents complain that their child is still a baby takes a keen interest in the computer. You can go the path of least resistance instead of banning child play, offer him ABC flash games. Are fighting to bet that your child is such a turn of events love. Those who hinder us, that we will help. In the end, all will be satisfied, and the letters will be stored on the sly. In the development of ABC games for kids take not only programmers, but also children's teachers - Psychologists. This takes into account all the psychological aspects of young children. The ABCs of online games take into account specificity of early learning techniques. Playing, your child will learn letters and numbers. All material is selected so that the child perceives the game Alphabet, online as an exciting game or cartoon. At that time, while your child plays, is good preparation without any - or persuasion, tears and expensive tutors. To get the maximum result parents need to carefully select the game. Free ABC games can take several forms. First - a talking alphabet. Here is the calculation for the perception of visual and audio information child. In this version of the game, each selected letter said aloud. So the child has the opportunity to immediately repeat heard. Typically, sound flash games ABC controlled with the mouse. Child will be able to play it yourself. Your participation is minimal. Quite often, these games accompany heroes of your favorite cartoons. They will gladly call letters accompanying each poem or entertaining commentary. Such training will bring a lot of fun! The second kind of game ABC based on the principle of comparison. That is, there your child should not just say the letter, but also to compare it with a certain object or animal. Quite often such a game is presented in the form of a simple puzzle. At the first stage of the game Alphabet, online child need your help. Once he mastered the rules of the game, you can safely leave it alone with the puzzle. ABC Flash games will not only learn the alphabet, but also to develop logical thinking. The third kind of ABC games designed to study not only the letters themselves, but their layout on the keyboard. In this game, the child must look for the most appropriate letter. After a long course of study not only the child can easily learn this or that character, but perfectly know Russian layout. These free games ABCs more suitable for children aged 5-7 years. Younger children to give this game is not worth it. Education should be easy. The fourth kind of ABC flash games designed for children who already have a basic knowledge of the alphabet and are ready to move to the next level of training. Here it is necessary to collect the letters into syllables and words. Oh, and do not forget the English alphabet. There are plenty of games on ABC English. Principles of the game remain the same. If the correct approach to the issue of education, it is the first class, your child will not only know a few alphabets, but also safely be of letters of the word. Free Games ABC - a real breakthrough in the field of early childhood education.
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