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Dear our visitors, dear players, we are glad to welcome you in the section of our site dedicated to the genre of online drumming games. Since ancient times, drums and other percussion instruments have been a very important part of human life. Their music sounded and accompanied many important events of their life. Drums sounded at wedding ceremonies, funerals, during meditations and witchcraft. Especially often the drums were used in the war. Before the military drummers there were several tasks. One of them was that the army listening to rhythmic blows kept the formation and morale, the second task was that using powerful drums to intimidate the enemy's troops with its awesome, bass sound. As we could just be sure the drums really did matter a lot in human life. Have and still do. It's just that today their meaning has been transformed into one of the most important elements of modern music. All the games of the genre of drums online offer you a similar story. They suggest that you make a career as a successful drummer and go from a member of the garage band to a world-famous virtuoso. On demand drums online to play you can find many sites with games of this genre. But only on our you can play the best games about drums in one place.
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