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Diego playing games, you will need to come face to face with the world of travel, where the protagonist loves most in the world all that is connected with a wild and undiscovered nature. This boy - it's cousins ​​the world famous Dasha traveler, so the children can go to the world of travel and with the hero, and with the second. Dasha now need to go home, and her brother performs tasks, and it proves Diego games. His best friend - Cypripedium monkey girl gave in good hands - his cousin and now she is helping him. No sooner had the heroine to go on a long journey, Diego called for help to Africa to take photos of rare breeds of animals. He briefly questioned and agreed for it is difficult to stand in front of wildlife. Now flash games Diego will help each person to learn more about the flora and fauna on the other continents, as well as other interesting information. The game is quite interesting and exciting. Going on a journey through abandoned African jungle will accompany you fidget Diego and his best friend - a monkey-Slipper. At each stage, Diego games online you have to take pictures of animals, while doing it as quickly as possible, because if they see you, then immediately flee, and you will be left with nothing. Sometimes you will be very difficult to find them, because it takes time and you must include your own ingenuity. You can control the main character using the arrows on the keyboard, which makes the opportunity to play the game Diego with maximum comfort and enjoyment. Navigate through each level and look for animals, you can jump using the spacebar, or using arrows pointing upward. Should be warned that the player must act carefully, because if you happen to pass by one of the necessary animals to you, you have to go back and start all over again. This you will need a lot of time, so play Diego games immediately need to carefully and responsibly, to make it easier in the future. By the way, to help gamers, on the left side of the screen displays pictures in order of all the animals that you will need to take a picture. It is worth noting that your friend - Monkey Slipper will be extremely glad to meet with their relatives in the free games Diego, so she decides to play a trick on his friend. Sometimes she will throw you under the banana skins, but because they can suddenly find themselves slipping. Try deftly dodge from all animal jokes, not to be trapped, because the obstacles in the game Diego will really unexpected. To your passing each level was accelerated, pick a variety of bonuses, which will meet on your way to Diego games. Some of them will help you to navigate the levels with a breakneck pace, with the activation of some other privileges you instantly fly over most of the levels on a specially prepared glider. By collecting coins scattered, flash games Diego increase your cash savings and help you complete your collection of antiquities. Also, due to the fact that the main character loves to travel, he will find a lot of new friends. The boy will be in the lost world where dinosaurs still live - giant lizards. In Diego games online he can instantly make friends with them and they even allow him a bit of a ride on their backs. However, when the boy starts to go home, then it will be a trouble, because small pterodactyls fly training and lost in the rain clouds. Of course, playing games Diego - all means to save and poultry will be no exception! Embark with his mother in search of babies and treat it when you find it. After playing Diego games - it is also constantly make good that will not go unnoticed. All at your fingertips! Exciting game will give you a lot of unforgettable experiences and will plunge into a world where everything is real and kindly. Choosing a Diego free games, you become part of the characters who all love and adore!
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