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Chinese influence and expansion did not start now. This is her only now noticed how the old joke about a watchful hawk who saw the fourth day that a prison cell is not enough wall. It is now China - the birthplace of consumer goods, and each of the second pair of jeans in the world. Intellectual conquest of the world began long ago, just out of modesty Chinese silent about it. Of gunpowder and porcelain will not remember - a common place. Silk is not quite intellectual property. Although its production, how to look. In the quiet halls of the palace, accompanied by pentatonic harmonies, Chinese emperors kept from his people and the world the treasure. Coming from China is a game called 'go', spawned many cousins. One of them - the so-called cycle of slightly differing points of the game together with some external signs, but united by common principles and rules. Report Points of intellectuals in the late game of the 80s of the last century. But the basis of the game points became an ancient Chinese game that in the European tradition called "first" and that there was more than three thousand years ago. Briefly tell about the rules of the game points, then, in brief, they are as follows. In the game involved two people usually, at the request of the bored, maybe more. There is a field divided into squares, simply - the field in the box. Problem playing, placing points on the field, grab the whole territory. Point should arrange so that the opponent could not they, at some stage, to surround their points. When the points are closed points spaced opponent opponent's territory, in this case, local, considered lost. And so we must act to completely fill all the cells in the field. At first glance - nothing special. But at first glance. The game requires the utmost concentration, the ability to think strategically and to anticipate the actions of the enemy, at least four steps forward (number of sides in the square). There are things to do To avoid spending free time wasted, flash points, a version of the game is very convenient and compact, due to their features. Many places it does not take, does not consume excessive resources and always keeps the brain working. Especially that version flash points of the game for a mobile device allows the training process almost around the clock, to blackouts. But there is hope that a permanent presence in the field of flash games allow points really master all the intricacies of this game at the level of the wizard. In flash game points, usually no graphical ploys. All simply and tastefully. Does not consume resources, the work does not interfere with other programs. But allows permanent brain training in all conditions: on vacation, in the subway, in the bus, but anywhere. You'll see, in a month or so will increase the level of skill that can compete on a championship entrance. To financial problems do not distract from the process of intellectual growth, you need to take this opportunity to find free game points, which usually are located on specialized servers and resources. In the "All for the brain" - free game points will necessarily be represented, but still not in one embodiment. Having chosen such a resource or server where points lie free games, you need to check out these resources for their rights for distribution of intellectual property. And then need to figure out is it really free game points - free actually. If after downloading the game come SMS that account removed ennaya amount of money, so the check was not conducted carefully. Armed with all the necessary passing training course with itself, it is safe to stand for reaching the top points games online provide such an opportunity. In order to play games online points the best arbiter in determining the level of skill. Developing intelligence game points can arrange the final point in a vague distrust of their own intellectual abilities. But in the development of the game to put points early.
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