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Jolly Troll Kuzma has long been a happy lovers unpretentious toys. It's fun and is constantly involved in adventures. All begins in the distant '90s, when TV screens this single-toothed troll reading various letters and talked to the audience. This idea soon found its realization with the advancement of technology, and the game went Kuzma. Many remember buying CDs adventures of the hero, the other asked them with friends. But now it's all gone into the background, as flash games Kuzma now available for many who have a permanent connection to the Internet. Improved graphics, entertaining story lines and a variety of free games makes Kuzma favorite pastime netizens. Today, there are different variations of this game Kuzma. I would like to elaborate on every opportunity to get closer to your favorite childhood hero. Naturally, as you might guess, the main character always acts Kuzma, but sometimes he comes to the aid of other characters, such as Dasha Ranger. In this version of the game need to be trained in basketball with the girl. Kuzma somewhere zapropastilsya, and while he did not return, there is time to improve your skills. Play games Kuzma easy and fun, and not have to think logically, to pass through. Today's most popular games Kuzma - adventures in the jungle. Boring troll reside on the beach and sunbathing, it pulls on entertainment. He builds a propeller from an old fan and sent to conquer spaces. Need to maneuver over the jungle, not to fall, and earn bonuses. One Flew Over the crystals of different colors, you can earn a considerable rise of points, but if you bump into an obstacle - then lose a life. Play games Kuzma particularly suitable for children under the age of 5 years, but sometimes you want and very distracted. This series of games is such that it can play with the whole family. Another kind of adventure stands flight over old castle, where a lot of jewelry. They need to put together to get extra points. However, the path will come across all sorts of obstacles, play games Kuzma sometimes not as easy as it seems. Need some skill to dodge the various collisions, otherwise the game can be completed after the third raid. If you want to think logically, then you need to play games in the series Kuzma "Call." Here the protagonist caught in the labyrinth, out of which, we can only finding a door that opens from level to level. Most often, these outlets are closed, so first you need to find a lever that opens them. But it is necessary to be careful, because the walls of the room where the hero is covered with something poisonous, this substance may harm Kuze and send the player to earlier stages. Kuzma games do not end there. Another friend playing Robin, who is called to save the troll from another scrape. He has to go through an intricate system of all sorts of rooms skyscraper roof of which was Kuzma, and save it. It is not so easy, but if you turn the logic - is still possible. And to save Kuzyu Robots, Astro Boy to help fight them. Kuzma games are sometimes unpredictable, robots are attacking from all sides, and soon must combat all to save the protagonist. As already mentioned, to access the Internet only games, as well as a special flash player browser. Free games Kuzma able to give joy to adults and their children. Everyone can afford to release an extra minute, leaving the child at the computer. Especially because he will develop thinking, logic and the ability to work at the computer. A colorful graphics will entice a child so that he is fully plunge into the unknown and mysterious world of adventure gay troll Kuzi.
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